Universal Studios the pending triggered land revaluation hot

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The Universal Studios project for a long time, the A-share market, the concept of speculation after another 1.2 months, a Universal Studios project has been submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission, the message, it set off a round of speculation climax, due to the Universal Studios project high probability Tongzhou land revaluation will bring leading shares of Wuyi (000,797) soaring more than 20% in just a few days, the Chinese real estate industry (600,240), the new Hualian (000,620) and Beijing Capital Tourism (600258) and other stocks also showed a significant pull-up. According to the latest media reports, the project may be about to enter the publication period, sealed limit board last Friday, China Wuyi strong Chinese real estate industry, the new Hualian and Shoulvgufen, etc. stocks have also appeared more substantial rise in the short term is expected to the concept of Universal Studios will continue to be active again, investors can choose to focus on China Wuyi, China real estate industry, the new in Hualian, Shoulvgufen and Beijing Tourism.

The Beijing Universal Studios project

Into the pending stage

As early as in 2001, the relevant aspects of the start of research and preparatory work for the Universal Studios project, until October 12, 2007, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission published on the website of Tongzhou New City Plan (2005-2020), in Tongzhou Metro construction theme park project, to build the brand is written planning of Tongzhou New Town tourism industry, Universal Studios may emerge from guess reality(http://www.best-news.us/).

May 7, 2008, the Universal Studios theme park in Beijing Tongzhou District, the project was included in the << Beijing 2008 Highlights >> promote the preparatory work for the project will start theme park planning and construction before 2010, to complete the project construction Preparation May 23, .2008, BTG and the American Economic Association (ERA), the AC Nielsen two companies signed a service agreement., ERA is responsible for the theme park and commercial, hotel facilities, market analysis, pricing research financial model as well as the economic impact analysis, AC Nielsen, responsible for the qualitative and quantitative survey of consumers, forecast passenger, per capita consumption and attractions portfolio evaluation work of the two companies was completed at the end of 2008, .2008 December 29, Dobashi M1 Spur rail transportation to theme parks included in the 2009 City Construction focus on promoting the project.

In February 2009, the the Tongzhou district party secretary Wang Yunfeng news disclosed in the presentation of the key projects in 2009, Tongzhou Tongzhou District, is seeking to Universal Studios settled March 4, the inclusion of the Beijing Universal Studios theme park in .2009 << Beijing 2009 focus on promoting the preparatory work for the project >>

According to the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced this year's construction projects directory display, the the Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park Construction site has been officially located in Liyuan Town, Tongzhou served by BTG project legal, investment of 10 billion yuan, the construction of Universal Studios in the United States now intellectual property-based entertainment attractions and rides the current view of the theme parks this year's investment plan is still in the 'project' stage, whether ultimately implemented yet to approval of relevant departments., however, before the media from Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission has learned that the Beijing Universal Studios theme park project is expected to get the approval of the State Council in the near future.

Universal Studios

The investment leading role significantly

As we all know, Universal Studios and Disney theme parks, World Carnival and known as the modern world's three major entertainment brand in Disney visitors, in addition to a variety of stimuli can play games, you can also play in the Disney animated cartoon image Universal Studios the theme park is based on the movie theme, the audience can play a role in the movie, you can enjoy the stunts in the film, even with the dinosaurs, monsters come to a close contact( News http://www.best-news.us/).

Although the market for Disney is already familiar, but Universal Studios still relatively unfamiliar. Fact, the Universal Studios theme park of the world's largest and busiest film studio in Hollywood for mock objects will play Studios people are completely immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the Hollywood virtual world, tourists being in the history of cinema, being produced movie stunts and visual effects for live performances, special effects experts. therefore, suitable for children's play relative to the Disneyland, Universal Studios is more suitable for adults to participate.

Undeniable, Universal Studios project, significant real estate sales after February In 2009, the real estate developers spared no effort in the construction of the Universal Studios introduced to boost the role of house prices on the surrounding lots, which in a way promote the soaring property prices in Tongzhou within. Universal Studios settled the news after Liyuan, a real estate project advisory telephone and on-site to read the tape number suddenly increased, especially in large-size products favored.

Universal Studios reminder hot

The Tongzhou local land and tourism stocks

View from the global operating model of the Universal Studios, the Universal Studios may be settled in Tongzhou, a direct positive effect on those listed company has a large land bank or major projects in Beijing Tongzhou district one to bring the whole region travel, consumer, and secondly also indirectly pushing up local prices.

The China Wuyi (000,797) latest announcement shows that its subsidiary, Beijing Wuyi (the actual holding 70%) in Tongzhou Wuyihuayuan Southern District holds 600 acres of land (including levied by the way), the land was initially limited Wuyi Hong Kong (Group) The company has, China Wuyi Wuyi a subsidiary of Hong Kong Construction Limited acquired in December 1999 in Hong Kong of Wuyi (Group) Co., Ltd. 100% equity interest (including the largest shareholder of Fujian Construction Engineering Group Corporation owns a 80% stake in the company). imagine, once granted to the concept of Universal Studios, the company Tongzhou land assets multiplier effect will be very obvious.

Chinese real estate industry (600240) has announced that the 2011 competing in the core area of ​​Beijing Tongzhou District Canal IV-05, 08,09 multifunctional land, So far, a total of 515,200 square meters of land reserves in the core area of ​​Tongzhou Canal. the Tongzhou Yongshun Town, Lizhuang, Old Village approximately 750 acres of land in a development project (no more than 400,000 square meters), about 5 km from the Universal International Studios .2010 August, the Company and Liyuan Town, Tongzhou District, pony cooperation of villagers Committee, a development Liyuan Town, Tongzhou District, the pony Village Old Village land area of ​​about 600 acres, commissioned by the company to the implementation of a development, is expected to invest about $ 390 million, was completed in June 2013. Undeniably land reserves of the Chinese real estate industry is very close to Universal Studios with the planning.

The new Hualian (000,620) registered for the the Tongzhou only real estate companies, and in recent years, the company will enter the tourism, real estate, residential real estate from a single residential real estate developers, urban complexes and tourism, real estate combined real estate restructuring, the company will also benefit to some extent settled in Universal Studios.

In addition, due to the controlling shareholder of BTG involved in the development of the Universal Studios project, the Beijing Capital Tourism (600258) also belongs to the Beijing tourism company, and therefore the company will also benefit from the Universal movie town landing at the same time, the Beijing Tourism (000802) benefit from Universal Studios brought great development to the Beijing Tourism. □ newspaper reporter Wei Jing

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