The restaurant waitress bikini work that afraid to tell the home (Figure)

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The restaurant waitress bikini work that afraid to tell the home (Figure)

April 12, Changsha Jin Hong Bao international cuisine Center cafeteria, waitress wearing a sexy bikini work. Intern reporter Tangjun She

Longhu bikini, sunglasses, slippers, umbrellas ... a cafeteria at the beach to see the beautiful scenery in Changsha.

On April 12, the reporter in Renmin Road overpass near Changsha, Hong Bao cafeteria, to see all the waitresses were wearing bikini entertain diners, waiter, chef wear beach pants at the table playing with.

This way to attract the attention of customers, the public were mixed. Hunan Restaurant Association president Zhou said: trendy clothing for each restaurant can have its own characteristics, the key is whether or not to accept public.

[Scene] the waiter wearing sexy bikini

Walked into the the Kim Hong Bao international cuisine summary cafeteria, is surrounded by an elegant, relaxed mood( Glance, all the waitresses in the restaurant wearing a sexy bikini and slippers, wearing sunglasses entertain diners , the waiter and the chef is wearing beach shorts and slippers walking around.

The reporters found that almost all young people to dine in, the majority of urban white-collar workers and couples where a woman customer said: 'At first glance feeling a little awkward, but this way is very special, can accept another couple have also published their own views, 'overall feeling of luxury and elegance, but still just does not taste of sea and sand(News News'

[Survey] waiter afraid to let the family know

Wearing a bikini walking around in public places, not in China's traditional culture, it is difficult to accept many women. Reporter learned that the restaurant 8 waitress, before working here. 4 waitress can not accept or boyfriend does not agree the bikini work has resigned, the restaurant continues to recruit people.

Xiaomin (a pseudonym, 24 years old, is the store's customer service manager, 'the boss has just told us that this thing, and my heart was struggling, thinking if we wear I wear just a bit awkward to put on a bikini minute, But soon become accustomed to this dress. '

Chef Chang Ai-girlfriend worked in the store, ready to get married next year, 'unacceptable girlfriend bikini greeting guests only let her resign.'

The waiter small European think bikini and nothing, 'If there is a good figure, Chuan Chuan it anyway.'

They said that the boss is very respected employees to their own wishes, gave employees willing to stay in the restaurant work with a certain amount of awards, but did not increase their wages. However, when a reporter asked whether the family would mind, they are that they can not Let the family know.

The expert key is whether or not to accept public

The reporter interviewed the president of the Hunan Restaurant Association week trendy 'every restaurant clothing can have its own characteristics and traditions, the waiter wearing a bikini to work, though not in line with China's traditional culture, but also the result of the development of society, the key is, he said: the public can accept. '

Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology, new direction, said: 'This approach is a bit out of line, can temporarily Bo eye, but its social climate of no benefit, even a little negative impact, a theme restaurant to continuing operations must be in their own service quality and level of efforts. '

The micro sound @ hooligan sledgehammer: Typical erotic dining, is a gimmick to the customer not to go to dinner, dressed less beauty but to see beautiful to see, where there are thought to eat buffet. @ Su to Yan: do not know boss how to think, anyway, I will not go, inadequate clothing, it is an insult to women. @ fertilizers for radish: if they can withstand the pressure of public opinion, the staff did not comment, the customer is willing to This bill, is purely a wish make a wish to suffer things.

As long as the response did not break the law

Nothing to fear with all aspects of the question, the reporter linked to Kim Hong-Bao, chairman of the international cuisine at a Glance far jade, which he does not shy away from. 'At the beach, beauty, bikini, slippers, sunglasses are commonplace, I just The seaside scenery moved inland restaurant, this trendy, open lifestyle to Changsha. 'Far from the new Yu said.

Far new jade in Xi'an also has a branch, but the staff there does not require wearing a bikini. 'Changsha is a relatively open city, acceptance will be greater.' In new jade opinion, far, this will certainly cause the parties controversy, 'most of the attendants feel to wear are not afraid. did not force them to have to wear, if you can not accept it, you can leave as long as there is no conflict with the law, nothing to fear.'

The turnover of the industry average reduction of 35%

Catering enterprises in our province, 'Bao Tuan' seeking support

Newspaper April 12 food and beverage industry downturn, but also affects the nerves of the government departments. Afternoon, the Department of Commerce held a brand catering business forum Heights, Sheraton, Dolton, new Changfu, staff world more than 10 hotel, the relevant person in charge of the food and beverage companies to participate in the meeting. 'the food and beverage industry in our province is difficult, the most serious decline in turnover of 60%, an average reduction of 35%.' Liu, Director of the Department of Commerce Trade Service to fly.

Industry groups seeking self-redemption policies and meal prices have been pushed to the front of the stage. Forum, many business executives catering into the winter comes down to consumer into a misunderstanding, not consumption, fear of consumption.

'A lot of government officials even spend your own money, privately friends, family gatherings, do not dare to star hotels or high places of consumption.' Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., chairman of Hunan staff world Liaosheng Ren said.

, Liu Fei pointed out that the food and beverage industry's priority is to lead consumers to correct the errors, both the central limit 'Excellencies' consumption or ongoing savings storm, its purpose is to put an end to public funds and eliminate waste, instead of saying are not allowed to high-end consumer. Personally, I think as long as it is his own pocket, not the taxpayers' money line. '

The face of escalating industry risk, catering companies pull out all the stops to adjust: markdowns, the introduction of semi-dish, promotion of appropriate consumer packaged initiative to help customers ...... However, no significant improvement in overall situation.

'There is a reason, catering enterprises taxes too heavy.' Provincial Food Industry Association week trendy, enterprises should bear the taxes 8% -10% of the turnover has reached 'severe forms, or even seriously affect the to planting, breeding, food processing and other industrial chain in the middle and lower reaches of government do not shot, it will seriously affect the overall economic development in our province. 'weeks trendy, enterprises, associations in the joint effort to see whether from tax breaks to promote the Festival to fight for government support.

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