Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il statue unveiled in the Korean People's Security Department

Published: 8:01:00 April 15,2013  Views: 502

BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) According to the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea on the 14th held in the Ministry of People's Security unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent baskets are presented in the bronze statue before.

Consistent with the opening words of an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central People's Security Minister Cui Fu Cui Fu pointed out that a people's security guards and housekeeping Army officers and soldiers to play a pure revolutionary conscience and moral bonds of friendship and dedication to support two Grand Marshal for the eternal subject the sun, embrace and carry forward the of their immortal revolutionary performance.

The opening ceremony, the House of the Korean People's Army female wind orchestra and military band formation ceremony followed by the Korean People's Army, the Navy, aviation and air defense forces, workers and peasants Red Guards guard of honor parade ceremony was attended by staff listen to two bronze Marshal explanation to pay tribute to the statue.

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