Photo: abnormal consumption of luxury goods industry fever in China overall sales down 2 percent

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Recently, >> << Economic Information Daily published << abnormal consumption of confusion reported the presence of abnormal consumption in the society, extravagance and waste, caused by a strong social repercussions.

Photo: abnormal consumption of luxury goods industry fever in China overall sales down 2 percent Abnormal consumption of luxury goods industry in China fever (Sina with map)

Abnormal consumption gave birth deformities industrial chain, a lot of high-end food and beverage companies to enjoy the ultra-high profits lying on a hotbed of abnormal consumption, However, the reporter recently found that the the central eight provisions 'after the introduction of this' hotbed 'started to cool down, many relevant companies have felt the chill, is seeking to transition not only luxury and high-end such as tobacco and alcohol consumption were also 'fever' experts said, rely on abnormal consumption of public fund to support not only an unnecessary waste, also contributes to poor social trends, the consumer should return to reason(

High-end dining fading

Jingya Hotel can actually delivery boy. 'Beijing residents Mr. Liu recently surprised, the original net Ya small restaurant specializing in beef buns are homemade restaurants, and later to go high-end catering route, it is far from ordinary people, it The scenery when arrogant ah, how will stoop delivery boy, now return to rational consumption, high-end hotels transformation.

'We are on the first floor opened the takeout window, provide convenient services,' Fairview Jingya Hotel staff told reporters that the recent vegetable prices have come down here now family dinner also, not eat packaged .

A business owner in Beijing, said the 'central new policy is really effective, the original net Ya, many people, especially Singapore and Thailand Village, shark's fin, Nishi seafood place to eat, no place to stop vehicles, not bit is not set in advance, now really wants to come, only to find another way. 'he had often in several places Business,' saury sold for $ 80 dollars a pound, now down to four hundred, really different. ' In addition, several high-end hotel in Beijing Cui Wei Road Navy compound Simon original to dinner also can not find a seat, are set out in advance, people now eat very small.

'Shark fin, we still do, but now the consumption of shark fin is much less than the original, the per capita costs 500 yuan(PREMIER News' Staff told reporters in Beijing the Jinyue Li Wan (Financial Street).

Services of Trade in Services Division of the Ministry of Commerce official said, since the implementation of the new policy of the central points of shark fin guests from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo and other places catering business situation less upscale hotel in the Beijing area, bird's nest sales fell 40%, fell 70 percent, shark fin, shark fin franchise stores such as Tanjiacai sales is decreased by 50%.

Lee Ritter, the former vice president of China Agricultural University, China Agricultural Society, vice president, told the << >> Reporter Economic Information Daily, shark fin, sea cucumber, bird's nest, the three nutritional value of the food is not very high, if a single from a nutritional perspective, There are many better than them cheap food, our country was particularly fond of just traditional influence psychological satisfaction, fin costs only tens of dollars, at the hotel the price of a few hundred, a thousand dollars, which is an abnormal consumption.

Experts said, knowing that the shark fin nutrition is not high and seriously inflated prices was still an avid consumption of shark fins, mainly due to a large consumption of shark fin with public funds. 'There are a number of eating shark fin is certainly public consumption, watching the door stop the car, license plate covered with a cloth, and certainly do not want people to know their identity. 'the boss said.

National School of Administration professor Xiaode luxury consumption and government to promote the concept of ecological civilization, environmental protection, animal protection philosophy is in conflict in government consumption accounts for a large proportion of high-end consumer, this ratio should be higher than 50%, the other 20-30% of enterprise-end consumer, the proportion of individuals in the high-end consumer money is small, high-end consumption of certain individuals but also to treat business, this consumption is unhealthy, ecological, deformity the.

Central eight provisions 'after the introduction, like a shark's fin, abalone abnormal consumption has been checked, also suffering from the impact of high-end consumer, which become realized the catering enterprises Xiangeqing has been taking the high-end business line. Xiangeqing results of Letters, the enterprise 2012 net profit rose 29%, 60% in 2011. recently released results notice that the first quarter of this year, a loss of 55 million to 70 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, while the year-on-year profit of 46.23 million yuan. Quanjude Xiangeqing 2012 Food and beverage revenue of more than 1.499 billion yuan, an increase of 7.21% over the last year, the slowest pace in nearly three years. Quanjude said that due to the decrease in official banquets and business activities, food and beverage industry growth into the lowest in decades, the company will develop middle and low dishes.

According to the data released by the China Cuisine Association, deserted during the Spring Festival, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and other cities of the high-end restaurants, clubs and other businesses, operating income is generally about 20% lower than the same period last year, some companies fell by more than 30% individual four-star, five-star hotel and catering sector and even the first time Chinese New Year to go out of business phenomenon.

The latest figures from the National Bureau of Statistics show that 1-2 months, total retail sales of social consumer goods was 3.781 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.3% in nominal terms and 15.2% growth in December last year to drop by 2 percentage points. Catering industry revenue growth only 8.4% of enterprises above designated food and beverage revenue decreased by 3.3%, even the Chinese catering industry first negative growth since the reform and opening up, upscale dining and wine consumption decreased more significantly.

Ministry of Commerce previously released figures show that since the introduction of the eight central regulations and strict economy against waste requirements, a number of high-end food and beverage companies operating high-end liquor sales dropped significantly. According to a sample survey, the turnover of the high-end catering enterprises, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, respectively, decreased by 35%, 20%, 30%.

Luxury 'cool'

March sales 'Golden Week' is gone. 'Shin Kong Place, a brand store shopping guide Wang said, before and after the two sessions a year, where the business are particularly good, a lot of the time will buy stock in his memory, the total is a leader look like people pick something in front, followed by several follow pay to buy things very lavish, invoice payable are 'office supplies'.

Wang told reporters that during the two sessions this year, the situation has greatly changed, there has been no kind of sales in the past lively scene, sales and even some of the downward trend. Reporter learned that, after the central government introduced a number of ICAC measures significant public consumption has begun to decline, including Louis Vuitton [microblogging] Gucci [microblogging], Prada and many other first-line brands affected, and declined.

Has been, because of its strong purchasing power in luxury consumption is seen as the engine of growth in the global luxury goods. However, since the first quarter of this year, a number of luxury brands in the Chinese mainland market, the decline in growth rate. World Luxury Association recently released report, within one month from January 20 2013 to February 20, 2007, the Mainland Chinese luxury goods amounted to $ 830 million, less than luxury overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions over the same period the total amount spent one-tenth of this figure, 17.5 billion in sales of luxury goods than in 2012 during the Spring Festival, a decrease of $ 920 million, sales fell nearly 53%, the lowest point in five years. Moreover, over the past few years has been the rapid expansion in China sudden luxury brand 'slam the brakes' world luxury goods group PPR CEO Francois - Henri - Pino said recently that 2013 will stop the expansion of the Gucci brand stores in China not long ago, LVMH head also said it would not be in China, the third-tier cities continue to shop at the same time, the British fashion brand Burberry [microblogging] and the Swiss luxury goods company Richemont also claimed to slow down expansion in China. Bain company press release << 2012 >> statistical report of China's luxury market research in support of the status quo, the report noted, the growth performance of the 2012 major luxury brands in China from consecutive years of more than 30%, to a mere 7%.

'The integrity of the first quarter of this year, sales of luxury brands in China, a year-on-year decrease of 15-20%, including the top three Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada, Gucci, a Chinese agent said, not only the sales of stores plummeted, the international luxury goods exports to China also reduced.

An industry source >> << Economic Information Daily reporters admitted that in addition to the overall economic slowdown, a number of countries under the strict rules of some public consumption, treat or gift Start 'convergence' is also an important factor, especially when combined with supervision of the media and the public, microblogging and other forms of public consumption of some officials, or officials consumption, companies pay 'things did not dare to be so blatant as before.

CICC Chairman Li Jiange admitted at the Boao Forum, China has become the world's largest consumer of luxury goods, a lot of people like to buy luxury cars, mansions, and this may be a stage of the problem, not the norm, luxury consumption from some sense, consumption, and consumption of public funds and corruption.

'We are all waiting to see, look at what is the policy toward luxury consumption trend will once again blowing Once the limelight, I am afraid.' The industry source said.

High-grade tobacco 'fever'

Beijing Datong-Qinhuangdao Huitong Trading Co., Ltd. is a Beijing high-end wine brand has a considerable reputation drinks operators, the main agent of Maotai, procurement of government agencies accounted for one-third of high-end wine sales profit contribution accounted for half. 'Due to to ensure the quality, price is only slightly lower than the mall. 'said Zhang Long, general manager of the company, after the introduction of the new requirements of the central monthly Maotai sales fell by more than half, mainly government agencies procurement reductions, but mid-range wine an increase in demand, 'always drink the wine, but no longer drink Maotai be photographed to the web too much for anyone.'

Maotai is recognized as gifts, dinner wine of choice last year, Maotai has been nearly two thousand Scoop expensive, and some even 'no goods', that is so much paying the money to buy wine, and even buy can not be guaranteed to be authentic. In fact, large quantities of Maotai procurement by government agencies the central eight Regulations after the introduction of the consumption of public funds by the pressure, the Maotai Start fever, a decrease of 37% in the first quarter of this year, Maotai price .

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