Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath

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Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bathPhoto: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath The Malamute base is built on the shores of Lake Poikkijarvi,

Sina outdoor Sweden in the Arctic through the activity series of feature articles in April 14

Photo: Tsai Ying-yuan

In the early morning of April 13, after a simple but nutritious high-calorie breakfast we went to visit the whole team, their last night at a distance of 3 km away Sevujarvi North Lake camp when we sat sled arrived at the team camp , the majority of players are Malamute prepare breakfast.

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Dog food packaging, frozen stiff, need to take his ax, gruel-like, fed to sled dogs. Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath The dogs are waiting to eat breakfast, when they scream, almost like a symphony of dogs. Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath If you fall into the snow, the most intelligent way is to place rolling out of the woods.

I thought these players throughout with a tired, because last night they are open-air accommodation in the snow capped with a moisture-proof pad, and then got into the sleeping bag, looking up the Arctic Star of the night should be very hard to sleep at night, we did not expect to meet players all wreathed in smiles. sled dogs are boiled sausages German guy says, the equipment is very to the force, does not depend on the weather, he slept very well in the snow trough dug their own, this looking at the Polar Star, accompanied throughout the world to fall asleep with the feeling of a lifetime an American young man will say a few words in Chinese, because He is currently a sophomore majoring in international economic enrolled in a Chinese lesson, never been to China, but very eager to go, perhaps the future will choose to work in China, he said, when I was very young and his father playing outdoors, a variety of activities are involved this time to participate in the arctic fox polar crossing, opened my eyes and I know Fjallraven outdoor brand, but months, in initiating this voted Not long ago, I did not think the brand is so well and the pattern of its brand Fantastic, very unique! Finally, players, met a beautiful young woman dragging a black bag, I asked her, what is inside? Dog feces, she said with a smile. This way, players are in accordance with the requirements of the sled dog feces collected, centralized processing.

This time to participate through the whole 28 players, most of them are young people, they have time to go canvassing in the win and the other applicants voted PK Fjallraven not only sponsor their traffic accommodation is per person allotted a full range of outdoor equipment, from the beginning of the personal layer, the only equipment per capita than ten million SEK and invest more, the preparation and control of the risks of so many sled dogs and facilities can be said, organization of this polar crossing, a huge investment. Why do this? This is not just a round of 28 for outdoor enthusiasts Polar through the dream, it is hoped that the 28 players from 12 countries around the world, outdoor messenger, the Arctic understanding of experience, arctic fox, spread around the world.

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath A young female athletes are touching the Polar partners - sled dogs. Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath A team is Johan teaching approach, trying to the metal friction sparks to ignite dry wood chips. Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Much like Matt Damon friends in Sweden, called Henry, he is the product manager of the arctic fox, are presenting the wonderful features of the sleeping bag, which is what I've seen very unique Polar sleeping bag long-haired head is not only Fjallraven iconic design, but also very practical.

Conversation and these players, I am eager to personally control the sled idea more and more forced to not be within two hours after eating the dog can not depart, those of us half the players will first departure back to our accommodation, all The backpack has been installed on the sled, waiting for the sleigh. wizard assigned to us ashamed of our sled dogs are reared by hand, we are not only saving the dog cooking, force feeding, and less and they are familiar with , the establishment of the feelings of the opportunity I touched his dog's head, they looked at me very gentle, brushed against my legs. gazing few days, the dog saw feeding, it will pleased rushed to express closeness to the situation.

The sled like two wooden skis together (Imagine the double-plate fastened together, leaving the middle distance of 50 cm), barricaded with a handrail on a snowboard framework framework cast canvas backpack and supplies can be put into a canvas bag yard hand armrest control the sled feet each step on a snowboard, this is the basic position of the harness dog sledding.

In addition to the password command Malamute steering, there is no way to control the direction of Half players, and unfamiliar dogs, the wizard does not tell us the password, so we can only now behind him, followed by forward.

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath I am with the of Fjallraven president Martin behind his sleigh, to be honest, few sled dogs with some difficulty, halfway for a dog.

Direction can not be controlled, but the speed really can control. Sled with soft and hard brake, the so-called soft brake is a black rubber, shaped like snowmobile tracks, foot up, the sled speed will slow down , the so-called hard braking, the metal strips with anchors stepped on the snow, the dog is naturally difficult to pull metal strips like car brakes, a loose pin will immediately bounce. put it plainly, is to increase the role of these brake large friction, for example, do not use the soft brake, step on hard snow sole also can play a similar effect. Additionally, there is a Department of the long rope metal anchors, to step in the snow, fixed to stop sleigh.

Pilots and the front of the sled dogs no password communicate indiscriminate use of brakes will only result in premature fatigue dog, or even injured. Sleigh experienced hand on a flat road soft brake rises to reduce the resistance of the sleigh, reduce dog burden. Generally, six or more sled dogs pull a sled, because our sled did not put on the equipment, and supplies, only to pull a four dogs completely sufficient.

Dogsled, in fact, not all dogs pull so simple, in fact, people need close coordination, not only need to co-ordinate arrangements for the dog and dog people need to take stomp, sideways and center of gravity control sled direction of action first arrangements for the dog of the division of labor, who is going to head dog, who will act as a reserve, who has entered a state of fatigue have to replace these specific arrangements are required to analyze, judgment and decision-making, followed by the sled have a sense of manipulation, even can not use a password, I figured out a few moves, to make my sled to keep up with the team. example, step on the soft brake auxiliary sled turn and double snowboarding, if you need to turn right, the focus should first moved to the left foot up, the sled is natural as well. Again, uphill one leg kicking auxiliary dog, even on steep slopes feet leave the sled, running, push the sled to aid climbing when going downhill precisely On the contrary, there is a need to determine in advance the curve and slope to prevent the sled overturned.

This is the dog? It is a 'state'? Fact, I'm curious Malamute cooling, the dog is no sweat glands, so only vomit tongue, hum panting to release body heat Why sled dogs are able to run so it does not have evolved such as human perspiration powerful cooling system, why in the polar than man's best cross-country runners can run? I carefully observed these sled dogs, they are fur fine, carry the freezing cold night curled up directly to sleep on the ice, they are the soles of the feet is too large, the pressure is too small, suitable for long-range strike in the soft snow pavement, they are long-tongued mouth, gasping for air, and still stuck his chin out, eat a snow, a snow marks left in the snow. my four sled dogs, an average of less than 3 minutes, it is necessary to eat a snow, I think, in this regard in order to heat the other hand, in order to supply water and to the hot summer months, more adverse dogs and heat, and no snow to eat, so the sled dogs, who can only leave the infirmary, to the end of September, and then start training again.

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Possessed with a cell phone camera sled dogs behind me, they are gasping for air, and strive forward.

There is a indecent but very crucial question: Malamute defecation during the run, drifting around, strong smell, strong winds from the Xi need face protection. Seriously, if a dog constipation attack, suddenly squat , to stop Chugong when the sled rope will be chaotic, stir together do not say, the sleigh may also hit the stop and the only dog, you must pay attention to these cases, especially with a password terminate dog emergency stop 'exercise our powers' behavior.

Good sled hand, and the dog is a partnership and cooperation between the close of such cooperation may race horse deep, unlike the Jockey mostly one-to-one 'The Horse Whisperer' so I try to figure out the way to control the sled The method, as I call the left, right, slow down, stop, largely ineffective, it could be a dog bully I do not understand Swedish.

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Players reach the end, sled dog tired, immediately lie down to rest.

As we start earlier, so the first 28 full members reach the end VAKKARAJARVI This is a spectacular glacial lake and finish in the ice of the frozen lake near the south bank of, Kenth the base across the resort base built on the shore side, more than 10 buildings large and small huts scattered in the pine forest, accommodation suites, bar-restaurant, sauna and toilet, storage room. ZHANG Yi-Min, Yang Wei and I were assigned to the 3rd huts. fact, this is with living room, two bedrooms, two relatively independent of the upper bunk. living room with large battery-driven electric heaters, also can fire heating stove. three of us sat around the table in the living room side, for under the the Polar series down underwear.

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Stopped at the end of the sled.

Lunch in the spire of a Sami tent, a simple tomato salmon, coupled with flat bread (the so-called flat bread, soft bread) roll cheese may be due to the pedal all the way sled sake, I eat very fragrant. I do not know who say hello to the whole team. caught on camera went to meet the 28 players, more than 180 sled dogs, arranged by the word knife flag at the finish gate, a scene memorable some players to tears, some two embrace, some leaned over and stroked Malamute, really touched people on the first day caught in a snowstorm, but 28 players survived. Fjallraven top equipment under-equipped, under the guidance of the Swedish Polar survival master Johan, 28 original ordinary people, in the Arctic, completed a very ordinary through. congratulate them on their dream has come true!

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Only the first dog did not like the other partners fell to the ground to rest, still standing alert.

Through the activities came to an end, leaving only the carnival. Sauna, steam steaming, glacial lake lakeside ice pond dug two meters square. Different customs of the 12 countries, the organizers specially arranged for separate male and female sauna, reflecting the kind of respect for other cultures. Ladies first really the girls soak into the ice water, because we have heard in a cabin called 'miserable' so rare polar sauna, I also can not miss, as to whether To jump into the frozen lake, to be honest, I also see step by step.

Naked in the locker room, surrounded towel into the opposite sauna room filled with people, through the activities team leader Johan did not steam for a while, go out naked, downhill walk along the snow on the frozen lake. Norwegians female camera, see ha ha straight music. Johan, is the Swedish outdoor legend, was responsible for the Swedish special forces, outdoor training, to write two polar soldiers training materials, or military school textbooks. polar glacial lakes, but for him, a piece of cake, and pretty soon, the whole body flushed into the sauna in her hand, holding paragraphs firewood, Tim stove fire. Soon, a Finnish man, a man of Norway, Denmark, men, Swedish men have been out of the hut, though silent also pressure the Chinese men I can not down but go you!

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath The Arctic, 3 times down to the frozen lake, is crazy experience unforgettable.

But I do not want to streaking on the frozen lake, or wrapped in towels, riding on the ladder next to the frozen lake, clear lake, you can see the bottom of the lake with huge boulders. Feet of water, almost whole body trembled, and really, really biting, can not tell is cold or hot, the perception seems to have been failures. bite the bullet next to the water, dared to head Qinru water, and immediately climbed up to climb to feel colder, the body towels are soaked , Arctic cold wind blows, it seems that even the pores must be freezing. Fortunately, from the sauna, but tens of meters into the locker room to eat carrots dipped in salad dressing and peanuts, immediately slow over Within a short while but felt a fever.

Back to the sauna, Fjallraven Norway general manager Lars asked my body water, I said head out, he said this is a shame, only the head into the only enjoyable, he said his head underwater to count to 5 , next to Finnish friends can count to 2000, Finn said, I died number a room full of people laugh I have also decided to go again, towels wet, put on shorts, Lars took my phone, help me take commemorative photos. the head bubble ice water, it was very enjoyable, a cold line, throughout the temple and then took a bottle of cold beer the Lapin kulta Finland, called a refreshed ah!

Photo: Swedish Arctic Fox Arctic crossing: Managing sleigh glacial lake bath Sauna after sunset exceptionally good-looking, although not Aurora, but is rare in the Arctic sunset.

Some things, at first feel terrible, but tried twice, no pressure I wash with sauna soap to wash the body, rushed rushed heated, and then jumped into the glacial lake, it's only real washing bar.

Dinner a great atmosphere, Martin president asked me whether I know what is eating the main course, I said beef, with small potatoes and lingon berries He shook his head, said that of Milu the thigh meat, elk meat. know elk is nonsensical, and the first time to eat this venison be considered a protected species in China. honest, the muscle fibers of the meat is fairly thick, close texture, it seems faint salty meat rather than from the spices taste that does have some like beef after dinner, as well as a reception and concert, is said to be the best band in the Kiruna dinner when a man and a woman two singers to sing English songs of the first warm up, nice!

Unfortunately, I spent the day at the photos and interviews in the afternoon did not rest, dinner, listen to Mr Martin, trapped faster blinded the sleep in the past, almost rude and teammates after dinner to the tent, easy-to-drink point small bottle of whiskey, less than ten o'clock, back to the room to call sleep. (To be continued)

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