Photo: double eyelid surgery fail how to fix it?

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Blepharoplasty can quickly improve the poor shape of the eye, so favored by many of the United States who blepharoplasty is a minor surgery, but to ensure hundred percent success or difficult, therefore, The blepharoplasty failure, then double eyelid surgery fail how to fix it?

Double eyelid surgery fail how to fix it?

, After two asymmetric

Line side of the redesign of the ideal cut the poor side of the eyelid eyelid repair.

Second, the double eyelid line completely disappeared

Surgery program should be re-select the eye thin, inner corner of the eye without epicanthus or superfluous skin lighter either by embedding method Eyelid repair, eye thick skin (Meat blister) and the inner corner of the eye epicanthus and more should be changed to incision double eyelid repair, the double eyelid line disappeared, the reintroduction of locally the double eyelids repair the newly formed double eyelid and the remnants of the double eyelid line to maintain the radian consistent and natural.

Eyelid too wide performance is the eyelid width greater than 8 mm

Just generally double eyelid line is too wide, relatively well trimmed by the surgeon rather than a European eye, just re-design of the incision in the range of 6-8 mm eyelid repair, and with the original incision can be removed.

Four, three eyelids

Natural swelling to disappear also be hand often stretch incision on the edge of the skin 2-3 months, so that sagging to cover excess eyelid lines. Severe cases, according to the original incision cut, peel and release wrinkle fold, the skin incision in the lower edge of up to more than the original tarsal plate and skin adhesion at the suture(

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