Photo: 5 parts Green Map is American University Library collection

Published: 11:58:30 May 22,2013  Views: 1168
Photo: 5 parts Green Map is American University Library collection 'Green Map'

Tianjin Times Online News: Chittagong through field measurement statistics for unique cultural and natural landscape to inspect, and then identified by the icon internationally to draw a picture of a unique port 'Green Map.' Up to now, Dagang two Green Map has been in practice for six years, students have drawn more than a thousand pieces of all kinds of 'green map', in which five copies of 'Green Map' boutique is to be the U.S. National Library of New York University, free collection, for Drawing a tour around the world to learn. Dagang unique way of interpreting human ecology Tracts Regional Green Map is becoming a feature card.

Grass green, dark green, purple, yellow ...... more than ten kinds of shades of color logo out of the city grasslands, wetlands, water bodies, agricultural and other 'large' area, one unique icon identifies the garden, nature corridors, bird habitat, sports venues and other different natural and cultural landscape, which is nearly a thousand students in Dagang two spent six months drawing Dagang Town Green Map is as of now the students involved in drawing the largest Green Map( 'The students were divided into fourteen groups, each group has a different inspection tasks, they will go to field observations Dagang attractions, gardens, cultural sites and other content data, and through handheld GPS devices record and we will children recorded content via a dedicated green drawing software for drawing, through the different aspects of the content of 'superposition' eventually formed a comprehensive urban green space in this figure(Favorites News 'Dagang II Green Map project leader told reporters Qi Yongcheng From 2007 the school started a green map of practical projects, and later purchased dozens of schools to introduce handheld GPS devices, and formed a Green Map Creative Labs, developed a Green Green Map mapping system allows more is accurate and vivid.

Currently, the Green Map's practice continues, the school's Green Map team is on the whole Binhai New District greenfield drawing, children will be in the process feel more deeply humanistic environment Binhai New Area, in practice, cultivate a love for our environment. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.