Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son rhetoric: We will become the world's largest companies

Published: 20:09:01 June 21,2013  Views: 250
Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son rhetoric: We will become the world's largest companies Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 evening news, the Japanese mobile operator Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son (Masayoshi Son) today at the company's annual general meeting, said he would strive to Softbank to build the world's largest enterprises.

As rival bidder Dish Network failed to give a higher offer in the week, Softbank has almost the U.S. mobile operator Sprint Nextel and Clearwire an important asset in the bag. Through victory in the east, Masayoshi Son, tell this rhetoric.

Masayoshi Son at the general meeting, said: 'When I asked Softbank revenues will reach several trillion yen target, everyone thought I was bragging, and the largest in the history of Softbank record loss that year, I was Shortly after that we will achieve several trillion yen profit, and everyone laughed at and holding the attitude, I now believe that, no matter by what criterion, we will become the world's largest enterprise, whether it is revenue, profits, or market value( '

After the U.S. satellite-TV provider Dish Network consecutive weeks of competition, Softbank is almost sure that you can successfully bid for Sprint and Clearwire. Thus, the Son seems to be immutable past issues of the annual shareholders' meeting, as an important occasion to celebrate the victory(Technology News Softbank shares rose 1.8 percent Friday, sweeping away the shareholders' meeting before the end of the share price fell in early trading haze.

Softbank holds shares in several companies, including Yahoo Japan, Alibaba Group and Ustream. Masayoshi Son, speaking at a general meeting, said that Softbank will find that led into a quagmire, Sprint toward recovery challenges, far less than the reverse Vodafone Japan business decline of difficulty.

Masayoshi Son said Softbank in 2006 with the acquisition of Vodafone's business in Japan is different, Sprint owns, including smart phones and high-speed networks, including the huge lines of business, and its operating profit has bottomed out, he also said that in view of Softbank and Sprint two the company's size and purchasing power, which will be three years before the transaction is completed, annual savings of about 2 billion to 3 billion U.S. dollars of expenses. Softbank acquired Sprint deal, expected to be completed in July this year.

Calculated according to the number of users, Softbank and Sprint after the merger, will become the world's third largest mobile operator. Sprint shareholders will be held next Tuesday on Softbank's offer for voting.

Monday, Softbank agreed to acquire Sprint Nextel's price increase of 7.5%, to $ 21.6 billion. Dish Network had raised the price to $ 25.5 billion acquisition of Sprint. Softbank raised in the quotation, Dish Network said it would not propose a new Sprint again offer.

Thursday, Sprint compete with Dish Network Clearwire's control over the upper hand because of the price raised to $ 5 per share, so the Sprint gained Clearewire key shareholder support. Clearwire has a critical spectrum resources for Sprint's network upgrade plan to crucial.

The new offer is given in accordance with Sprint, Clearwire's valuation of $ 14 billion or so, compared with 47 per cent higher than the previous offer, and also higher than Dish Network recently given $ 4.40 per share offer, so that it fell swoop won Clearewire major shareholders and board support.

Son acknowledged, as with Dish Network to bid for Sprint and Clearwire increasingly fierce competition, he has fully prepared, intended to bid for the fourth largest U.S. mobile operator T-Mobile US, which is the parent company in Germany telecommunications.

Masayoshi Son, in today's annual shareholder meeting, said, 'As Dish Network could undermine our plans, so we are facing a very serious challenge.' Speaking Clearwire board supported the decision, he added, 'Today is a good day . '(Qing Chen) Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.