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Reporters from the University of Hong Kong [microblogging] Latest learned that the school year 2013 to undergraduate admissions interview will be held in late June, the interview list published in the online application system then, the candidates can apply for personal login account to view the interview time and place and precautions. admission results will be July 2 after the website published simultaneously notify the admitted candidates.

Entrance [microblogging], the fill is a volunteer candidates and their parents to make [microblogging] were headache, but is closely related to the big things, while for those who want to apply for HKU students who want to successfully enter Hong Kong colleges and universities, in addition to concern scored, the interview results also enter HKU key to success.

Departures big interview now only less than a week's time, and how to get the interviewer's favor, how can it stand out in a number of exam? Saying goes, we must first sharpen his tools and only learned of the interview skills in order to successfully knocking the door of the university in Hong Kong.

Recently, the reporter visited a number of HKU interview training, training bodies found on the market situation into a huge difference, according to Ron English HKU gifted person in charge of the training course, and now all kinds of HKU interview training a lot, but the quality is good and the bad, the candidate and parents in the choice of courses must be careful(

Since its inception in 2007, actor Ron English HKU interview training have been held for several cases against the University of Hong Kong and Macao special interview training courses, the college entrance examination successfully helped many students successfully entered Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [microblogging], Hong Kong Polytechnic University [ Microblogging], City University of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University and other schools, but also by many students and parents of all ages.

For HKU interview some of the key issues, excellent Ron English HKU interview training instructor Chen, chief interview some experience to share with us.

I. confident but not arrogant.

Some candidates written part is a lever, but once the face of the interviewer will be particularly intense, and some even speak of tension in the self-introduction session, the interviewer who want to see candidates who are self-confident, positive side, and therefore a sense of normalcy to attend an interview, keeping calm and clear thinking is essential, but the tone in the introduction process should be appropriate and can not be confident too far, completely carried away with a vengeance.

Two. Focus on expanding reading, improve logical thinking ability.

University of Hong Kong as the representative of the Hong Kong College interview is usually in English interviews, mainly on the students' overall performance, including English language skills, verbal communication and presentation skills, organization and coordination, interpersonal relationships, the areas covered are very broad, from a political news, current affairs, hot news has(Education News

Therefore, candidates usually pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge in this area often to see China Daily English classes or other news portals is a good choice for you in the interview expressed hotspots, views and opinions on current affairs, candidates who must be own thinking, to have critical thinking, 要一分为二 look at the issue, while the best known English translation of the corresponding keyword is. More HKU interview skills may be concerned about

Ron English HKU excellent interview training is the first interview in Hong Kong school training organizations, with six years of experience in HKU interview training for class teachers Macao culture, college interviews have extensive experience in the entire training process, excellent Lang according to the students' lack of individualized, the weak link for the students to carry out targeted intensive training to help them achieve the desired training goal. ensure that trainees do soon before fullest ability to enhance the language skills and prepare responses while , Lang gifted students at HKU interview Zhenti previous analysis, they allow students to conduct on-site mock interviews, and then gifted classes will arrange interviews Ron has extensive experience and interview experience oral examiner for its analysis, this can be targeted for different trainees tailored suit its own characteristics interview method.

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It is reported that actor Ron English HKU interview training interview pass rate is very high:

June 2008, organized by the Hong Kong school remedial classes interview counseling courses, admission rate of 90%, remedial classes students earn college high scholarship! .

July 2009, organized by the University of Hong Kong remedial classes interview counseling courses, plus 95%! Admission rate of 90.3%

July 2010, organized by the Hong Kong school remedial classes interview counseling courses, admission rate of 90.7%, some students received a full scholarship!

July 2011, counseling trainees successfully passed the HKU, HKUST, Hong Kong Baptist University and other higher interview.

2012, remedial classes students they passed Baptist University, Hong Kong University, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Polytechnic, where two students received full scholarships.

In 2013 the first phase, the second phase gifted Lang HKU interview training already full, the third phase has started on the 24th, the last one on the 27th, in order to simulate real interview in Hong Kong schools, excellent teaching strictly controlled Lang 12 people per class currently scheduled to accept in. If you want to know more HKU interview skills, if you want to successfully enter the HKU learning, waiting for what? For details, please consult 0571-88383810 or to hushu Road No. 260, 8th Floor-site consultation. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.