Domestic tourism e-commerce broken red blue smoke

Published: 15:39:28 January 18,2014  Views: 3527

With the continuous development of electronic information technology and the popularity of the Internet, travel information, the operation broke through time and space constraints, travel consumers through the Internet travel site easier and more intuitive access to tourism products. Tourism e-commerce have emerged, as people go traveling essential travel tools.

Tourism E-commerce refers to the tourism business computers and modern communication technology applications, adjust the enterprise through the Internet with consumers, companies with business and business relationship between the internal and thus expand sales, expand markets, and to achieve internal electronic management of all business operations process it has to rely on the Internet, consumers are directly involved, a huge source of information, means of payment convenient features.

Tourism e-commerce development at an alarming rate, the scale of development is also growing, which also makes major travel sites novelty competition. Then in the fierce competition, tourism e-commerce should be how to do it break red blue smoke?

Seek personalized model of development

With the popularity of tourism e-commerce, tourism soaring year by year the number of sites, the development model of the same phenomenon has become more prominent, however, the homogeneity of the development model has been unable to meet consumer demand, they blindly seek from the initial cheap transformed into personalized needs and quality assurance(

Changes in consumption concept for consumers, e-commerce platform as a tourist travel site personalized services should seek a breakthrough on this point, especially small tourist sites, in terms of price and size can not compete with the giant electricity supplier, you want to have their foothold, it is necessary to dig out their own distinctive point to build, such as leisurely business travel ( Take the tour customized services to meet the company as the breakthrough point, personalized travel theme Custom development model has become a major bright spot, attracting a lot of business / corporate attention and trust.

Open up a big market group travel

Today's tourism e-commerce market is still based on the individual consumer-based, individual consumption is like Taobao, Jingdong, the only product will operate as e-commerce platform is simple, fast turnover, however, the individual consumer travel site travel market almost saturated, the early rise of tourism e-commerce giant has come out on top in the market, so we might as well from the company / corporate team tourism breakthrough.

As we all know, the company / business team business travel market is large, a lot of tourism e-commerce sites have long coveted, but because of capacity constraints and other reasons reception has been reluctant to sell, of course, there are some attempts to make the team and be successful tourism tourist sites, such as degree of Lala Travel Network, the same way network, leisurely business travel networks, etc. Of course, this also requires these tourist sites in the team travel lodging, travel entertainment and other aspects of a stable source of long-term cooperation and suppliers .

In addition to the above two points, the author believes that the success of tourism e-commerce is still inseparable from the traditional tourism, especially tourism team because team travel operations and procedures more cumbersome than individual travel, there are also more question, therefore, the combination of online and offline is essential red blue smoke break one of the ways to solve(CantonStation News Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.