Share is more important Lamborghini slow expansion

Published: 23:41:46 June 28,2013  Views: 360

Zhou Jie

Italian super sports car manufacturer Lamborghini in China's first 19 authorized dealers in June 18 in Changsha, invest 100 million yuan into this new store is also its first in the South region layout dealer.

Since entering the Chinese market since 2005, Lamborghini bon voyage sailing present, China has become the world's second largest market for Lamborghini, sales accounted for 11% of the global total in the ultra-luxury sports car market in China, Lamborghini also accounted for 15% of the market share accounted for only superior to the Lamborghini's performance in other global markets, but its share is twice the world average.

However, Lamborghini does not intend to continue to expand the sales network of the throttle a step in the end. Automobili Lamborghini Asia-Pacific general manager Mate Luo (Christian Mastro said the next few years, Lamborghini in the Chinese market will be maintained at authorized dealers around 20 This means that the future Lamborghini will hold the pace of network expansion.

Market background of this decision is that the ultra-luxury car market in China brakes continues( Imports from China Automobile Trading Co. data show that the first quarter of this year, China's ultra-luxury car segment sales of only 915, an down 35.19 percent, since the second half of 2012 continued the ultra-luxury car sales in China decline. Moreover, it will more than 1.7 million yuan luxury cars luxury tax levied once the market rumors come true, but also in the short term so that ultra-luxury cars cool the market.

For this reason, Mate Luo did not this year's market performance Lamborghini higher expectations last year, Lamborghini sold in 2083 worldwide super sports car, an increase of 30%, of which the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 35% of global sales, Lamborghini Greater China region as the world's second largest market, delivered a total of 320 in the Asia Pacific region contributed 44% of sales. 'For this year's sales, I expect almost a year, which is about 300 or so,' Mate Luo told reporters, compared to sales growth, more attention Lamborghini 15% market share in China to maintain, 'Our key objective is to maintain market share, rather than simply sales growth.'

Mate Luo admitted Lamborghini slowed the pace of expansion was also to ensure service quality, strengthen good relations with the Chinese users this end, the Lamborghini was on April 18 in Beijing set up a new customer service center, and introduced a number of Customer Care Program, through experienced customer care staff and services hotline, Lamborghini and its new and old customers the perfect bridge between the erection while Lamborghini dealers will also be on sale, sale and after-sales training to improve dealer professionalism and service skills(Finance News

However, faced with the ultra-luxury car segment overall decline and a growing number of competitors join the market share of Lamborghini Battle is not easy. Mention traditional competitors such as Bentley, Ferrari [microblogging] and Rolls Royce and other brands will be more and more deeply layout market, the British luxury sports car manufacturer McLaren and Australian ultra-luxury brands such as Paul Polycarp newcomers also hope to squeeze the Chinese market, and has begun laying channel tier cities in China.

This means that the ultra-luxury car market in China, 'fever' in the background, Lamborghini had to face more competitors, and more intense competition in the market.

It is also taken into account these factors, Lamborghini hopes to satiation Chinese feast of ultra-luxury car market, while constantly looking for a new balance in order to achieve steady development, to avoid possible policy and market risks. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.