Zhejiang Customs seized 30,000 fake watches Rolex Armani all in one block

Published: 20:40:00 July 8,2013  Views: 388
Zhejiang Customs seized 30,000 fake watches Rolex Armani all in one block

Pictured Jiaxing Customs seized 62 boxes of fake brand-name watches. Netizen @ Yan Li I photo

BEIJING, July 8 Jiaxing Power (trainee reporter intern Chenjia Chen Chia-Wei correspondent Zhang Yong) Recently, Hangzhou Customs seized this year, the largest intellectual property rights infringement cases formally opened, involved as many as 31,000 fake designer watches, worth 230 million Rolex (Rolex), Armani (Armani) and other international big all in one .8 days, reporters from Zhejiang Jiaxing Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the case has been transferred to the local public security department investigation.

According to reports, June 21, in Jiaxing Zhapu Port, one from Yiwu, loaded with 40-foot container truck into the customs inspection platform, waiting for customs inspection(http://www.best-news.us/).

Jiaxing, Hangzhou Customs under the Customs inspection batch reporting name 'kennel, wire clean ball', to declare the country of destination as 'Sudan' export goods, they found some suspicious marks on the goods then the implementation of the inspection.

Sure enough, Customs officers at the goods inside the container during the dig box, in the innermost kennel dedicated to packaging cartons, the scene seized a large number of watches, involving Guess (Giles), Rolex (Rolex), Armani ( Armani) and other international big names. After more than six hours of inventory, Customs seized suspected of infringing intellectual property rights of fake brand watches 62 cartons, totaling 31,000. their number in recent years, Zhejiang rare.

Which, Guess (Giles) brand watches 11000, FullStar brand watches 5000, TagHeuer (TAG Heuer) brand watches 3000, MichaelKors (Michael Kors) brand watches 5500, Rolex (Rolex) brand watches 2000, crocodile brand watches 2000, Armani (Armani) brand watches 2500, a full 62 cartons.

Subsequently, the case was handed over Jiaxing police department investigation (News News http://www.best-news.us/).8 days, Jiaxing Port Public Security Bureau said that police have formally involved in the case, given the complex circumstances of the case, the public security organs for investigation through a variety of channels to actively investigate. (END)

(Original title: China Customs seized 30,000 fake watches Rolex Armani all in one block

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