U.S. troops will sell Perry class frigates: Taiwan and Philippines as potential buyers

Published: 17:06:09 July 16,2013  Views: 1026

'Navy will sell a number of frigates!' U.S. media recently revealed the news out only so many arms dealers excited, but also caused a lot of interested onlookers: American foreign policy is considered a barometer of foreign arms sales this time Who is it an object?

Sell ​​them off the old ships

According to the U.S. Navy Times << >> disclosure, many retired U.S. Navy warships in the next year. Among the most interested in the outside world is that seven retired 'Perry' class frigate will be fully sold to foreign navies.

'Perry' class frigate is the United States in the 1970s to replace the 'Knox' class frigate and the development of equipment, load displacement of 4,100 tons, the assembly of the gas turbine, speed over 29, and 20 knots endurance under the 4500 sea miles. It is envisaged that the frigate mainly responsible for the amphibious fleet and transport fleet escort task.

'Perry' ship great emphasis on air defense and anti-submarine capability, the ship's 76 mm gun ingenuity placed in the hull amidships superstructure, which is rare in modern ships, empty out the bow section, the installation of a cantilever missile launchers for launching the 'standard'-1MR anti-aircraft missiles. Additionally, the ship is equipped with two 'Sea Hawk' anti-submarine helicopters and tactical towed array sonar. U.S. Navy 'Perry' class Evaluation and comparison of frigate complex: on the one hand, the cost of the ship suffered ridicule, on the other hand, the ship possess various technical and tactical performance and prove sufficient to complete the submarine with nuclear submarines, escort aircraft carrier battle groups to participate in high-level tasks.

American built a total of 55 of the type of ship. Subsequently, these warships or sale or donated to a number of countries and regions in the Navy, but in the current U.S. military stretched their case, I am afraid that is not easy to send these new vain retired frigate .. If you sell, they will be sold?

More likely to be vigilant

U.S. Army retired in the report did not mention which ship to be sold to several parties, but there is speculation that military experts from the U.S. arms sales to the previous history, choose more than the following.

First, some of the more affluent allies among European countries in recent years continued to decline in defense spending, can first be ruled out, the Middle East oil-producing countries and Israel have their own share ship needs, it would be difficult to be aged over 30 years this ship Old ship around attracted Similarly there Korea and other industrial countries, not only their own shipbuilding industry developed enough, 'Perry' class such as a large fleet of frigates services may not meet its defense needs.

And some non-oil producing Middle East is not the same. Such countries have some defense needs, but it is difficult to financially support the purchase of cutting-edge warship, decommissioned ship just to meet requirements if a few years ago, the United States still may sell to these countries to contain Iran, but in recent years, these countries are more political turmoil, becoming one of the obstacles to buy U.S. weapons, Pakistan is also a traditional U.S. allies, and bought 'Perry' class frigate, but in recent years, Pakistan-US relations worsened due to disagreements on terror, the United States to sell more 'Perry' ship is unlikely, and some analysts believe that China is more suitable for Pakistani frigate design needs choices.

When combined with the U.S. to return to the Asia-Pacific strategic perspective, the sales of several possible options worth attention, such as the Indian Navy had received before the U.S. military retired dock landing ship, if the United States decided to sell off, then the 'Perry' class frigates for the Indian Navy still has great value in terms of. Again vessels in the United States has received the Philippine Navy patrol ship refit if purchased 'Perry' class frigate, for there is no decent big ship Philippine military purposes undoubtedly means leaping equipment, but Philippine military's ability to use such equipment is still a problem.

This is one of the most alarming signs of U.S. arms sales to Taiwan once before 'Perry' class frigate produced its own production license 8 'success' class frigates. November 5 last year, Taiwan's 'Defense Ministry' confirmed in 2014 that the United States will buy two 'Perry' ship this year on May 30, Taiwan's 'Navy Command' is once again confirmed that it will buy two 'Perry' ship. According to reports, these 'Perry' class frigate with 'Knox' class frigate together in waters east of Taiwan jointly perform anti-submarine missions. (Reporter / Bai Yanlin

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