4/3 flagship DSLR Olympus E-7 will be released in September

Published: 9:30:10 July 18,2013  Views: 1310

Since 2010 Olympus E-5 has been released, the outside world has been suspected of 4/3 SLR will continue to develop indefinitely. Now appears that in September this year we should be able to see the emergence of E-7 Recently 43R site close to the message, Olympus will be in September this year launched the first 2 weeks 4/3 flagship SLR E-7, as well as entry-level OM-D anti-camera.

4/3 flagship DSLR Olympus E-7 will be released in September

Olympus E-7

Olympus SLR users currently retains a large number of high-quality 4/3 mount lenses, but not directly in the M4 / 3 camera body used, resulting in a certain degree of waste. E-7 to be more to take care of 4 / 3 old user's psychological feeling, Olympus official had announced that, E-5 follow-up models only have one.

OM-D camera entry-level configuration parameters now also been updated. Their body appearance consistent with the E-M5, and equipped with the same 16 million pixel sensor, dual-axis image stabilization, electronic viewfinder resolution is lower than the E-M5, the environment and do not have a sealing function(http://www.best-news.us/). now more parameters E-7 is not out, we will be reported for the first time.

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