Love does not work with Sun smartphones chat Taiwan greengrocer suicide

Published: 10:26:00 July 26,2013  Views: 690

BEIJING, July 26, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's Changhua a greengrocer Hsu will not be used due to smart phones, computers, communication difficulties and grandson love to chat, so feel life is boring, even in a small van ingesting pesticide , committed suicide by burning charcoal police found in the car he left behind a suicide note that read, 'I can not keep the day (era), what computers, cell phones, etc., I will not, and then what it meant to live there.' Xu sad male son identify the body, said: 'How could such things too hard ah!'

Deceased Xu Desheng (57) yesterday seized by police autopsies, body red, vomiting circumstances, preliminary analysis of the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Divorce alone depressed mood

Police investigation, Xu Desheng junior was educated in Changhua County fruit and vegetable market selling vegetables, fathered a child with his wife, his wife died, ten years ago, remarried, has not given birth, because Xu male bad temper, the couple emotional discord, divorce last month, Xu Changhua men living alone, the son of a man is to live Taichung.

Unexpectedly, the day before yesterday afternoon, Xu male driving a pickup truck parked in the Eastern Ring Road side Pitou Township, ingesting pesticide in the car, commit suicide, was found yesterday morning, the police, the police found in the car pesticide bottles, sorghum, charcoal pots, old mobile phones and a suicide note, suicide note written 'suddenly enlightened, gotta go, I can not keep the day, what computers, cell phones, etc(, I will not, and then what it meant to live there ...... I have always rarely bought anything, hardly, this life is more terrible than death, so I decided to go. '

Xu male son said his father often to see grandchildren Taichung, but junior high school, elementary school was busy playing three grandchildren smart phone or playing on the computer, the computer will not be his father, also not returned SMS or the Internet, interactive grandchild much, plus the father has diabetes, recently divorced, may thus brought ruin.

Hobby circles should be established

Changhua University of Education, Institute of Marriage and Family Therapy, said Professor Guo Lian Xu men want Hanyinongsun, but worry not use smart phones will be grandsons exclusion, and fear of touch with society, with unhappy life, may thus commit suicide, it is recommended the elderly should have their own social, hobbies, and more to learn new things, to make life colorful.

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