West Santanyinyue Spire Past and Present

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Past and Present

According to Bureau of Hangzhou City Park paper provided at the historical heritage, pagoda was built in the North West Santan Songyuan five years (1090), Song writer Su Shi was known to the state of Hangzhou, positive and dredge the West Lake, the lake as a symbol of neutrality Three Pagodas to prohibit the planting of three towers of Ling gravy (Ling, a year raw herb. gravy is annual plants) to prevent silting of the lake.

West Santanyinyue Spire Past and Present Santanyinyue

Three towers were destroyed when the Yuan Dynasty, the existing three towers of Tianqi reign (1621) reconstruction Three Pagodas location equilateral triangular distribution, between the two towers each 62 meters apart.

Tower was gourd-shaped, hollow, divided into five heart-shaped holes, the full moon night, especially to pass

Mid-Autumn Festival Commission, bright, candle point people in the tower, the hole Mongolia to peach paper, candlelight from revealing, reflected into the water, just like a small moon(http://www.best-news.us/).

West Santanyinyue Spire Past and Present Santanyinyue

This has become the most classic Hangzhou iconic landscape. Now one yuan banknote Take Santanyinyue as a pattern, showing its influence and position in the hearts of Chinese people.

Historians believe that Santan Spire is the history of the West Lake dredging to protect the West Lake, West Lake, construction management, historical monuments, is to study the history and geography of the important coordinates of the West Lake, West Lake is an important cultural landscape, but also a symbol of the West Lake in Hangzhou in March (Travel News http://www.best-news.us/).2013 , Santan Spire as West Lake, one recognized by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage as a national cultural protection units.

Twenty years ago, this pagoda had also been hit by boat

'Santanyinyue' overnight into 'two Indian Lake Moon', me and my little friends are shocked.

Yesterday, who lives in West Lake, Hangzhou, Li Taibo old scored hotline 96068, told reporters about a little-known story - the original, a summer twenty years ago, is also part of this pagoda tower, has also been a double tourist motor boat crashed over.

West Santanyinyue Spire Past and Present Santanyinyue

Li Taibo memories, twenty years ago, one day at noon, he was in the West side of the pier, just after listening to a scene of the boatmen Speaking of trouble made roughly through -

Santan was crashed through the side of the lake near the Pagoda (Spire). Hit it, is a double tourist motor boat.

This ship was the West's most luxurious motor boat, a total of only five or six ships. Boatman said the accident boat usually do not entertain FIT.

Captain this maneuver about 30 meters and a width of 8 meters high 5-6 meters of the incident, the ship's bow, met Spire.

If the Spire of four tiers, the most prominent is the base of the upper portion of a sphere with a hole. Then go up one level, slightly narrower, composed by a circle hollow pillars. Was then hit the water, which is hollow layer, including the top of the 'gourd' section.

A time when the early 1990s, Santanyinyue management and protection, and when the media coverage limitations, they can not be compared with today's situation.

Moreover, knocked down part of the day filled up back said so, 'Santanyinyue knocked' message, just as the West Lake boatmen and lakeside residents, 'gossip', in a small scope.

There were boatmen speculate that the accident vessel bow too high, will not accidentally rubbed into the Spire, impact strength may not be so large.

Spire of the material, is called 'Yanzhou green' bluestone This stone hardness, but knocked partly hollow, relatively less affected by force, easy to fall.

West Santanyinyue Spire Past and Present Santanyinyue

Two or three days, Li Taibo boat trip on the lake after Santanyinyue, acquaintances boatman also deliberately knocked the Spire pointed out to him.

Li Taibo remember that three pagoda near the water, and no obvious protection measures, 'It was reported that three Spire protection measures, is under the water, but I have not seen it.'

'It was only a rowboat and a lake motor boat, traveling and did not provide the route and direction, but the three Spire has more than 60 meters between the distance, so we set sail attention point passed, several decades after that, said such a thing never listen. '

Li Taibo said, was the protection of everyone for Santanyinyue increasingly seriously, 'I do not remember what year, but as you can see now, Santanyinyue around 4 square meters of protective device, is on the water can see the old Hangzhou canal this protection device called 'channel', is the popular triangle. '

With this protection, motor boat to the scope of protection, the general will be blocked, 'but apricot days Lake water level high, hand-rowed boats and boating, or you can draw on it, relatively close to the Spire, allowing visitors close touch to. '

Lee said this story, we yesterday to some of the older old boatman for confirmation, got side confirmed.

(Thanks to Mr. Lee to provide news clues)

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