Mayday Noah's Ark made trailer record shocking scene

Published: 22:37:44 August 1,2013  Views: 99
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LOS ANGELES Mayday [microblogging]'s 3D concert film << Noah's Ark >> yesterday (July 31) released the first trailer for the film by that music produced, Galloping Horse released 3D movies, after two was taken again to record in 3D and other cities Beijing Bird's Nest concert, in addition to the three-dimensional Outsider Mayday performances, videos and more will be touched by the fans record. Currently >> << Noah's Ark entire film is post-production , the expected release this fall.

Noah's Ark 3D << >> send notice to reproduce the Mayday concert

3D concert film << >> Noah's Ark exposure period of 60 seconds yesterday's trailer, two years after the official declaration on the back burner, Mayday concert film about strikes again. The Noah's Ark concert held in 40 cities 71 games, a total of 248 people took part in carnival rebirth in this release of the trailer, the fans sang along with Mayday High carnival appeal even to tears full screen.

Trailer, reproduce Mayday concert carnival picture, full field fans holding blue light sticks, like being blue ocean, more fans moved to tears. Mayday Noah's Ark with the film world tour rebirth field which began shooting at, I believe that music that touched fans and the experience of the past two years, also recorded through the lens inside the screen, I hope the fans can relive moved through the movie.

International team to create Mayday 'imminent'

2011, 3D Music Movies << Mayday Dream 3DNA >> release, two years after the new work << >> Noah's Ark still use 3D technology in addition to shooting, also invited the charge of the Olympic Games opening ceremony broadcast of the German World Cup team , using a variety of universal high-tech equipment, cameras Spidercam shooting to create a more realistic stage effects. trailer 'When Tomorrow far away, Mayday sight', not only declared the upcoming film, also means that the film's 3D effects excellent, and even people in the Mayday generated when viewing sight of the 'illusion.' In addition, the film also go to Jerry [microblogging], Ariel [microblogging] and actor Lin Hui << Star >> Min [microblogging], who starred friendship.

Noah's Ark 3D movies << >> shooting has been completed, the ongoing post-production, is expected to be released this fall. (Tg / text) Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.