Who first discovered the Americas

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If the general public a question: Who first discovered America?

Columbus! This is probably the majority, or that most people blurt out answers. Easy to understand why, because textbooks usually tell our story is that Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492 (the Americas, he had to go to India, half way but have no intention crashed into the Americas. ridiculous is that Columbus death believe he arrived in India rather than America, he returned to take up a Native American with their names irrelevant - the Indians, but in fact, Columbian Indians call these indigenous people, but to distinguish between Indians in India, translated into Chinese using the Indians.

Do not need history, archeology, anthropology, or that others learn that this complex science knowledge, knowledge of simple logic alone can conclude that 'Columbus discovered the New World,' this proposition is untenable, because the obvious Indians certainly a time earlier than Columbus arrived in America From another perspective, is sit back and wait Indians discovered Columbus.

So, what is the time the Indians arrived in America it?

For this problem, academia has to fight to fight, inconclusive Some archaeologists believe, about 12,000 years ago, people living in eastern Asia to go out hunting for food, chasing the animal tracks, from Siberia across the white Bering Strait, sleepwalk went today belong to Alaska, while some archaeologists argue that Europeans between 1(http://www.best-news.us/).9 to 2.6 million years, then across the North Atlantic thick ice to reach the Americas (United States Virginia. No matter what kind of argument, can explain a thing - Indians than Columbus arrived in America much earlier time.

The difference is that these early Asians or Europeans arrived in America, and later became the Indians, is no name no name of the 'archeology groups', while Columbus is a flesh and blood, full name of the individual, then, then down problem is that in a named individuals, who arrived in the Americas earlier than Columbus do? For me, found the answer in Iceland.

Do not remember who said it. Anyway to Iceland before, I have been nagging sentence: no chance to come to Iceland right on the moon. 1960s, in order to successfully complete the mission to the moon, the U.S(News News http://www.best-news.us/). National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA Iceland had sent astronauts to the moon walking training.

The plane, a bus to the city to stay in Reykjavik, Iceland, the way I feel very excited, because, sky blue, and low, people have a sense to the horizon, rocks everywhere, many rocks around became one Taikang, really a bit like the surface of the moon seen on TV where the landscape with other countries is simply too different. wonder that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit Iceland in 2012, said he is studying geology, Iceland that made him fascinating place.

Iceland is a volcanic eruption from the Atlantic Ocean formed by a land until today, more than 20 active volcanoes in Iceland there is a veritable 'volcano of the country.' Volcano many geothermal resources are more natural for people to leisure spa also more .. So, hot springs bubble in Iceland is one of the joys of many tourists, but the large and small hot springs, known as the 'Blue Lake' is one the most famous due to close from the airport, a lot of people off the plane, or before takeoff, or the use of transit clearance will enjoy the Blue Lagoon hot springs fun.

Blue Lake is an open-air hot spring, I also experienced a 'this one bubble' feeling in the hot springs near Gulp emerge sat shrouded body soaked in hot spas, drinking cold refreshing beer, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding rocks, I seem to produce a kind of 'moon bathing' illusion, but afterwards aftertaste, I was even more unforgettable, but before entering the spa feeling of walking in volcanic rocks. Blue Lake sits many piles of 'volcanic mountains' at home. from the parking lot to the Blue Lagoon spa, people in the 'volcanic mountains' and another curved walk through some distance, it feels really a little imagination moonwalk.

In the name of foreign country when translated into Chinese, there are nine of ten using transliteration, while Iceland is almost the only one paraphrase. Iceland (ICELAND, suggests that it is 'Ice Island', the island was covered with ice, cold-like, a look name through the heart of children will feel a cold, but then came to Iceland, you can easily find, due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, where the weather did not imagine so cold.

In Reykjavik, blue sky, deep blue sea, if no one tells you this is where, you might think this is a beautiful bay southern China have a legend speaking, the initial colonists find here a pleasant climate, is a suitable place to live in order to prevent too many immigrants coming in, they gave here the name 'Iceland', the purpose is to use a name with the facts deter newcomers.

Of course, Iceland Iceland was called, there are also many beautiful glacial lakes and glaciers. Another legend speaks, when the first colonists sailed to reach the southern coast when they first see a huge glacier that Iceland's famous Watts satisfied that the glaciers. colonists on this glacier deep impression, so the island is named 'Iceland.' But for me, these are not like most glaciers, but 'everyone Canyon (EVERYMAN'S GORGE'.

I like 'everyone canyon', for two main reasons. The first is the world's oldest parliamentary located here. All land in the world, Iceland is the immigrants arrived and settled relatively late place about AD 870 In the 930 years between the Nordic only gradually come to live here, but settled down soon, Icelanders discovered that many of the things they need between collective decision-making, and many cases also need a collective trial.

Thus, the Icelanders founded in 930 by 36 representatives of the Parliament every year in June, which brought together representatives passed a law to make major decisions and major cases heard and continued until 1798. Example, in 1000, Iceland people here decided to convert to Christianity, 1262, Icelanders decided here allegiance to the King of Norway, even if Parliament has moved to new premises in 1944, Icelanders still here to secede from the Republic of Iceland, Denmark established rule 1928, the Icelandic government decided to Parliament ruins built into the first national park .2004, the Heritage Park as a World Heritage by the United Nations and now parliamentary politics has swept the world, but how many people know Iceland original 'Mother of Parliaments' mean?

The second reason is that the canyon is the American continent and the dividing line between the Eurasian continent from the geographical Conceptually, the dividing line between the Americas and Europe, Iceland and Denmark Strait between Greenland, so Iceland is a European country, but from Geologically speaking, throughout the whole territory of North and South Iceland 'Everyone Canyon' is the Americas and Europe, the two continental plates of the junction. Accordingly, in geological formations, and Iceland are two continents across the United States and Europe countries.

Mr. Mark mystery tour with a smile on my face, said: 'Zhang, your feet are America, not Europe.' But my point of interest is that, since part of Iceland in the Americas, then the people who discovered Iceland is discovered America the person who, when I put this idea thrown to mark tour, he apparently did not explain to tourists so too he can say, just talk about those old-fashioned scripted Nordic discovered Iceland story.

According to Nordic mythology epic famous Sakya << >> records, starting from 800 AD Viking period (ie the period that is after another Nordic Viking explorers came to Iceland, of which the most famous one is 'Red Beard Eric (ERIK THE RED, 950 ~ 1003 years, also known as the 'Red Devils Eric' or 'red-haired Eric'. 'Red Beard Eric' is the Nordic legend, about his life experiences are woven legend computer games, is still very popular today.

'Red Beard Eric' is Norwegian, as guilty of murder, was forced to flee with his family west Iceland, the time is about 980 years in Iceland, as is not from borrowing, he killed a man, which Once, he fled with his family sailing west Greenland, for about 982 years.

Greenland is the world's largest island, approximately 81% of the area covered by snow, until today still no arable land, is a veritable 'Iceland.' But in order to make this place sounds beautiful to attract more immigrants. ' Red Beard Eric 'named it GREENLAND, namely' green land. 'This move really efficacious, attracting about 4,000 Scandinavian immigrants settled here.

Iceland is not even American States, Greenland surely belongs Americas From this perspective, 'Red Beard Eric' should be counted as the first to discover America, named individuals, but the Icelanders do not seem to buy the 'red Eric Beard, 'the account, although we think that he is the discoverer of Greenland, but do not think he discovered America. During a visit to the National Museum of Iceland, I was surprised to find,' Red Beard Eric 'son more affected by respected, is considered the first person to reach the Americas.

'Red Beard Eric' son Leif Ericson (LEIF ERICSON, 970 ~ 1020 father grew up determined to learn to do a major event can become explorers. Approximately 1000, Ericson rate fleet westward Adventure sailing, the first to reach the island is full of flat stone, so that he will be named as Hull Lu Lan (HELLULAND, meaning 'flat stone of the land', which is today Canada's Baffin Island (BAFFIN ISLAND, then, He went to an island covered with woods, they named it Markland (MARKLAND, meaning 'tree island', which is now Canada, Labrador, but in order for the winter, Ericson on an island live down. because here you can grow wine grapes, Ericson give it a name Vinland Island (VINLAND, meaning 'land of wine', which is today the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

If you go to Newfoundland, Canada travel, be sure not to miss its most northern one called 'Rameses Oz pastures (L'ANSE AUX MEADOWS' villages In 1960, Norwegian explorer Helge (HELGE INGSTAD and his archaeologist his wife, Anne (ANNE INGSTAD found, here is the Vikings village trace .1978, UNESCO World Heritage this place for years, Newfoundland government has been trying to fight the tourist destination here, throwing slogans is: 'This is the earliest European settlement in the Americas.'

Read here, you must understand, if not Greenland, and the pastures of Oz as Rameses the earliest European settlement in the Americas, Ericson arrival time in America for about 500 years earlier than Columbus Next, some readers may have another question, why do you always talk about European discovery of America, it is not full of 'Eurocentric'?

In fact, to break the 'Eurocentric' in has been a lot of people, but, ironically, is to break the 'Eurocentric' non-Europeans has been empty shouting slogans and no evidence, and to break the 'heart of Europe theory 'of Europeans say evidence yet organized.

France has a Sinologist, named manifold Nepal (JOSEPH DE GUIGNES, 1721 年 ~ 1800 Early in 1761, he first proposed the Chinese people first arrived in the Americas. According to him, the Chinese ancient books >> << Liang in the records, the Buddhist monk Hui deep had been to the 5th century AD 'Fuso.' He believes that this 'Fuso' is not Japanese, but Mexico.

2002, the British historian Menzies published a book entitled << 1421: The Year China Discovered America year >> The book lists a number of Zheng He arrived in America in 1421 the evidence, and in 1492 Columbus So can sail to the Americas, because he won a draw charts Zheng.

This two European scholars really long Chinese people's power and prestige, but until now, we seem to have some shy embarrassed 'kindly.' My view is that perhaps some people earlier than Columbus reached America (except Indians, but only Columbus the greatest impact on human development, he started the process of globalization of mankind, so that mankind unprecedented depth together.

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