Audience Guiqiu "Pacific Rim" "Little Lolita" Do not grow up

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Audience Guiqiu "Pacific Rim" "Little Lolita" Do not grow up 'Lolita' Ashida very appealing to viewers.

To combat one hundred meters behemoth, China, the U.S., Russia, Australia, Japan and other Pacific Rim countries, design and development of the giant robot << >> in the Pacific Rim assembly is completed, since July 31, after landing the mainland cinemas, box office immediately more than two hundred million, word of mouth is also a short bursting moviegoing which play Kikuchi Rinko childhood Japanese Lolita Ashida and Ron Perlman plays the strange uncle has also become the film highlights.

Under My hammer to: 'This is the blockbuster'

Good movie, there are two, one is let you bring your own stories resonate, another is put you into a new world, so what you do not want to open mouth, was once a << Avatar >> , << >> Harry Potter, this summer is the Pacific Rim >> << The film with a unique story to the audience in a world of unprecedented magnificent 80-meter deep sea monsters and giant mech fighting blood undoubtedly The biggest highlight of the film, which is absolutely wonderful to adrenaline surge, shocking visual effects will be more numerous in the CG history has left a( release, many viewers have praised: '<< Transformers >> three together with Pacific Rim >> << are scratching than ',' This is definitely the year man movie ',' Under My hammer to, which can be called blockbusters. '

Reporters learned that the film magnificent large-scale fighting has brought an unexpected shot to the creation of barriers, that is - how the speed and scale strike an appropriate balance between, 'If you think he has a great, then physics will decide they need to move more slowly, but they are too slow, the action scenes will not be so wonderful. Additionally, there are splashes of water or broken concrete, the more difficult it will be, so we must constantly adjust and balance the best. 'film visual effects supervisor John Knoll says, while it also won the audience's approval.

Knees and begged the audience: 'Lolita' Do not grow up

Despite being a monster on the mechanical and movies, but director Guillermo del Toro exposition of human nature to make the film become very warm, Rinko Kikuchi plays the only female mech pilots Sen Asako, although many viewers have been criticized for her looks, but the role itself can be considered a major highlight in the air 'Sword' of the moment and the moment of farewell with adoptive generals are impressive understood, Rinko Kikuchi Babel has made use << >> Oscar nomination for Best Female distribution, and let her rose to fame(Entertainment News

Although the actress Rinko Kikuchi's looks are not lovable, but played her childhood 'Little Lolita' Ashida, then sell Meng success in the film, causing the fans favorite, which is a huge need to see the life of the body, the scared crying to escape, then saw the monster's armor come to the rescue to defeat another cheeky consternation role play is not easy. crew on her show appreciation for Canada, seen the movie by her friends who are also deeply impressed: 'Ashida appearance when me and my little friends shocked, why cry are so adorable! knees and begged you not to grow up.' In addition, and co-director of the series << >> Hellboy Ron Pullman uncle, also overwhelmed by his 'golden shoes' egg won the audience laugh.

Popular level

Four days relaxing break 200 million with a hot summer profile

Currently, the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures co-produced 3D sci-fi blockbuster Hollywood << >> are the major Pacific Rim cinema hot release. Film since last Wednesday (July 31) released since the summer profile super-dominant position has been gradually revealed, Dalian major studios have appeared more full field event. And to the weekend, the reporter was informed << >> Pacific Rim is swept across the country theaters, there has been a field full ticket is hard to state. Not only that, the Pacific Rim << >> also successfully led the market in the shadow city August 3 easily exceeded 200 million yuan mark. bursting this phenomenon, there are many industry sources, even before the release of the film's box office promising potential, but also unexpected for such a viewing frenzy. Peninsula Morning News, Sea Network reporter Li Mu Chenxi Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.