Maldives to become overseas holiday destination for Chinese tourists

Published: 21:34:15 August 5,2013  Views: 180

Original title: Maldives become a preferred destination for Chinese tourists overseas holiday

International online news: According to news agency Xinhua, a recent survey shows that Hong Kong, Maldives, Sanya is listed as the most popular holiday destinations of Chinese tourists top three, including the Maldives to become the first choice of Chinese tourists overseas holiday destination.

5, 2009, China Tourism Research Institute and China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. jointly issued << Chinese holiday Development Research Report >>, which is China's first highly specialized holiday research reports.

The report shows that in the exercise of outbound tourism, the most popular tourist destinations of Chinese tourists in addition to outside the Maldives, followed by Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries.

Visit in Mainland China most favored tourist destination Sanya, Hainan, respectively, Lijiang, Yunnan, Zhejiang Wuzhen and other scenic spots(

Free exercise of domestic tourism consumption and outbound tourism consumption there is a big gap to the report, outbound travel is 9248.1 yuan per capita consumption, while domestic travel is only 3982.6 yuan per capita consumption, outbound travel higher than the domestic per capita consumption of about 130%.

China Tourism Research Institute, said Dai Bin, China has entered the mass tourism as the main way of FIT travel as the main consumer of the era. Mainlanders exercise has entered the golden age of rapid development, the future of this market will be more Large, vacation FIT trend will become increasingly apparent.

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