Feng Shao Feng Ni Ni beside the point to mention his girlfriend repairing denied marriage room

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Lead: costume idol love drama << Lanling >> upcoming August 14 landing Zhejiang TV. Yesterday, creative drama Feng Shao Feng [microblogging], Ariel [microblogging], Daniel Chan Zhai Tian-Lin, Wei Qianxiang five protagonists gathered Hangzhou City, cheer as << Lanling >> launch yesterday at the scene, starring William Feng a red dress appeared, but in the past they face the feelings and generosity of the state, a feeling beside the point to mention, also denied and his girlfriend had been photographed Ni Ni, real estate showings, rumors of suspected repairing the marriage room.

Feng Shao Feng Ni Ni beside the point to mention his girlfriend repairing denied marriage room West side of Nini Qing Zhu Feng Shao Feng birthday

Feng Shao Feng said that when the producer did not give their own drama

To 1400 years ago. >> << Lanling Qi, Zhou competition between the two countries as the background, tells Lanling high long-Christine's life(http://www.best-news.us/). Stalls this summer thunder drama in power, but yesterday >> << Lanling executive producer and starring Feng Shao Feng Lei Department to deny the drama is drama, which he called the play in shaping the character of history is also in close proximity for a reasonable imagination. Speaking for the first time when the producer, Feng Shao Feng said this is a new experience, 'As an actor I was emotional When the producer is like internships, do not deliberately behind the scenes to pave the way for. 'For what producer in the filming of' privilege '? Feng Shao Feng said, and did not therefore add to their own show.

Feng Shao Feng and starred in the movie Thirteen Girls in Jinling << >> popularity of Ni-ni star couple as a pair on the microblogging frequently interact with friends broke the news recently, inadvertently photographed at showings figure Feng Shao Feng, users exposed material houses Open the minimum should be 10 million yuan, so guess Ni Ni Feng Shao Feng and almost a good thing, is ready to buy wedding room this regard, at the press conference yesterday denied Feng Shao Feng: 'The photo is me? saw a silhouette, hat clothes are not my style, is not that they have the wrong person? '

By forcing send birthday gifts to his girlfriend

Yesterday at the scene, couples in Feng Shao Feng also received from the national media big torture, ever generous response to emotional problems, he did mention yesterday feelings beside the point, one will be installed to hear, one would say the microphone does not say anything, interviews scene several cold field. According broke off, Feng Shao Feng is so low-key, because the Ni-ni accompanied him to Hangzhou to advertise >> << Lanling today coincides with his girlfriend Ni Ni's birthday, this Feng Shao Feng dedicate all promotional activities >> << Lanling advance to the girlfriend birthday before the end, when asked what kind of preparation will give his girlfriend a birthday gift, an upcoming Tanabata two decided how too? has never react to Feng Shao Feng hurry, and had to admit: 'There is no intention to buy a ring and I finished on the conference, hang out for a while to see what to buy. As Tanabata to surprise, say something does not surprise(Women News http://www.best-news.us/).'

Daniel is also affected by forced

And Ariel Development

In << Lanling >> a play, Daniel played the Emperor Zhou Yuwen Yong is Lanling rival, domineering Fan children known to yesterday's appearance is also very domineering Daniel, 40 degrees sauna days, white shirt jacket a black suit, holding a large folding fan, a letter 'Daniel' three characters.

Daniel said that this movie completely disregard their own image, wearing ripped and personal battle with tigers fight, these are the most satisfied with his place in the field, Daniel was a very eye-catching, the host did not ask him a question, he also frequently answer, he said anxiously: 'You did not see me holding a microphone almost rotten yet?' drama infatuation to die for love of Daniel Xiwai confusing feelings, when the concept of emotional torture scene when he first exposure feed their favorite girlfriend is a woman between girls and women, 'too simplistic bad, not good too mature. should be between a girl and a woman.' When the host pressed him whether you like this girl when Ariel, Daniel eyebrows a challenge laugh when looking Ariel the initiative to seek their partner, 'If we do not have male and female friends to look at?'

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