Just opened the door to get off to a motorcycle hit Fortunately slow speed

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Just opened the door to get off to a motorcycle hit Fortunately slow speed

Motorcycle hit the car door

At 16:30 on August 8 or so, in Yinchuan West Road, east to west, close to the location of animation industrial park, a Toyota car parking not near the roadside, car driver suddenly Lakaichemen, passing by on a motorcycle hit up ...... 8 pm Yinchuan Road east to west in the direction of animation industrial park near the location, a white Toyota car at the bus stop locations stopped near the road outside the door is open, just to have a motorcycle from cars passing by, just listen to bang bang, motorcycle was 'tripping' the.

Ms. Zhang was anxious to drive the company meeting, she took her car and drove to the station locations animation industrial park, she stopped the car you want for the elderly to get off, but then hurry hurry, no pulled to the side, while the is away from the side of the road there is a meter wide place to stop, get off of the elderly did not see the car, a direct open the door, then accident just happened(http://www.best-news.us/).

· Motorcycle fell to the ground after the oil tank also flow out, but also some car door deformation. Motorcycle driver surnamed Wang, is a carpenter, was ready to pick up a live motorcycle drive past, see the cars parked in a place away from the street dramas, I did not expect car door suddenly opened, and he fled from the less to hit up. Fortunately, people are more at the bus station, motorcycle speed is not fast, Mr. Wang injury is not too heavy, fell on the road after a facial abrasions, is lifted up, I felt some pain in the neck(News News http://www.best-news.us/).

Text / Chart reporter Liu Jinde (please Chow collect clues to the newspaper $ 40)

(Source: Peninsula Network - City News [Editor: Zhang Chen-chen]?

(Original title: just opened the door to get off to a motorcycle hit Fortunately slow speed

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