Ningbo Roewe 350 highest offer 19,700 yuan is sufficient car

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Ningbo Roewe 350 highest offer 19,700 yuan is sufficient car Ningbo automobile market price >>> Click to know all welcome to join car sharing Q group 175,568,753

Ningbo Sina Auto News Recently, the editors from Ningbo Golden Crown sedan car sales Services Limited Chen learned that the current store 2013 Roewe 350 car maximum cash discount 19,700 yuan, now car sales. Interested riders may wish to shop for inquiry, the specific benefits Please see table below:

Name of model Manufacturers Price Price Promotions Remark
2013 Roewe 350S 1.5L manual Centrino version 89,700 yuan 71,700 yuan ↘ 1.80 万 Is sufficient car
2013 Roewe 350S 1.5L Automatic Schindler Edition 98,700 yuan 82,000 yuan ↘ 1( 万 Is sufficient car
2013 Roewe 350C 1.5L manual quick version 100,700 yuan 85,700 yuan ↘ 1.50 万 Is sufficient car
2013 Roewe 350C 1.5L Automatic Swift Joy Edition 109,700 yuan 90,000 yuan ↘ 1.97 万 Is sufficient car
Information collection time :2013-8-9 tabulation: Sina Ningbo Car
Automobile information changes frequently, the specific price, please discuss with your local dealers(Automotive News
Ningbo Roewe 350 highest offer 19,700 yuan is sufficient car Price | configuration | Gallery | Video | sale | reputation | Dealer | Forum 350 guide price: 8.97-12.87

Roewe 350 is Shanghai automobile brand new A-level strategic platform of the first car models, is the world's first 3G technology based on full-time online midsize sedan, stylish shape, 2650mm long wheelbase makes plenty of interior space, equipped a new development, class-leading 1.5LVTi efficient engines, matching 4-speed Multi-Mode SSG 5-speed automatic transmission and manual gearbox, the first in its class to meet the five-star crash safety design CNCAP Euro IV emission standards and standards.

Edit Comment: Roewe 350 shape is more plump, with thick armor, the interior also adhering T-style family, but most importantly, as Shanghai Automotive's first compact car, is also the Roewe brand's cheapest models, it introduces 3G technology in the car, ready for network music downloads, web browsing and multiplayer online real-time chat and other functions, for urban white-collar workers to create a mobile office environment.

Dealer Name: Ningbo Chen Golden Crown sedan car sales Services Ltd.

Dealer Address: Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, 800 North Road, should be

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