New urbanization How to change the tide of housing prices

Published: 8:02:20 August 9,2013  Views: 89

Over the past decade, Ren gamble with people every time rates go, always victory and go, but in the direction of industrial development, not many times Ren win this home from Huayuan growth scale, can glimpse twelve.

In the real estate business due to new business opportunities of urbanization are very encouraged when, by the end of July, Ren gave enthusiastic people poured cold water: 'I think nothing of urbanization and real estate', 'I do not think the city is mainly based real estate development process, the entire process of urbanization, real estate can only be sung supporting role. '

But just a few days later, people will not see the new urbanization and real estate Ren said little. Has been the capital markets considered to be 'new urbanization leading' one of the new lake treasure, first released refinancing plan for Shanghai Zhabei District, Putuo District, and two old city reconstruction project. changed and the old shed, new urbanization is precisely one of the core(

In addition to change and shed the old, the new urbanization important content also includes smart city. Previously, Vanke, green spaces and other real estate companies have been involved in the content of smart city. Greenland Holdings Group Executive Vice President Hu Jing Looking to the future development of smart city the prospect that future housing will become a platform for providing services and products, whether residential or office building, stay where you can buy a variety of desired goods, services and resources.

Prior to discussing the new urbanization Vanke, the content has also mentioned that a broader, more services and products to provide urban services supporting business concept, try with the new urbanization of the east, in addition to providing more types of residential real estate development outside products.

Vanke and green according to the two leading real estate design direction for further interpretation, we can see the new urbanization brings opportunities and changes in the real estate industry, apparently unlike Ren so easy. Entire industry value of production, will also be because new urbanization and change dramatically. developers to sell the benefits, from a one-time, become repetitious Real Estate will truly be able to become a sustainable and profitable industry.

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