Japan forget "Izumo" In the war of aggression in the end

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When the Japanese people in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima marks the 68th anniversary of prayer and usually to invasion battleship 'Izumo' named after the Japanese helicopter aircraft carrier held a launching ceremony.

Japanese government officials said the launching date of choice, just 'a coincidence.' Agence France-Presse subsequent review, which is really 'an unfortunate coincidence.'

In addition to manufacturing 'coincidence', the Japanese government also specializes blatantly word games, insists 'Izumo' classified 'helicopter escort.' But this monster appears in front of the world, the number of international experts and the media would simply be equate with the carrier.

The fact is: 'the cloud' is an attack helicopter with advanced aircraft carrier on the length, it is more than the French 'Charles de Gaulle' aircraft carrier just short of 13 meters, on the displacement of its standard displacement and load displacement Some countries are more than a light aircraft carrier, on the performance, 'the cloud' through a long deck and island-shaped building are taking off and landing aircraft provides the possibility of the future to be modified if it can even be equipped with F-35B fighters(http://www.best-news.us/).

'Coincidence', or blatantly word games worth mentioning, no amount of pretense, in the mirror of history will show his true colors before that year, the Japanese militarists on the aircraft carrier of the complex is particularly strong, prior to the construction of more than 20 World War II aircraft carrier and a variety of giant warships, aircraft carriers, in turn, become aggressive ambitions of expanding its catalyst after the defeat of World War II, Japan's 'peace constitution' of the constraints under attack warships lost the right to build, but the re-possess the Japanese right-wing aircraft is always politicians and militarists lingering demons.

'Izumo' naming and launching, both in the public militarism spiritualism, but also that Abe government will further militarization of Japan's ambitions world to see, from the 'aggression inconclusive' to openly want to emulate the Nazi constitution, Abe government words and deeds increasingly dangerous, did not run on the road to the right brake intentions.

Abe administration of these dangerous move, not only lead to strong protests from neighboring Asian countries, the international community also Unjust France << >> Le Monde published an editorial advised not to challenge Abe underlined that the negative remarks aggression 'no excuse' U.S. officials recently on Abe government's military posture expressed concern.

68 years ago, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two atomic bombings resulted in nearly 300,000 people dead and injured, some of the victims in the aftermath of the radiation is still suffering the pain. Now, with the Abe administration actually one of the worst ways to carry out a a memorial for the victims of the atomic bomb(News News http://www.best-news.us/).

History has CAUTION: It is militaristic Japanese militarists in the calamities brought to its Asian neighbors, while the Japanese people dragged into a dark abyss. Abe government should not forget that 'the cloud' set a so-called 'exploits 'people of the country is affected by aggression into a pile of dense bones, and the ultimate fate of the battleship was sunk by the U.S. military to become permanent sacrificial lambs Japanese fascists.

(Original title: Japanese Forget 'Izumo' In the war of aggression in the end

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