Gold Report CRIC price index released in August "highly recommended" Property released

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Chutianjinbao News Gold Report (Reporter Wang Huafen yesterday, 'Kim reported CRIC price index' published in August 'highly recommended' real estate, they are still the first home first class just need to change products, prices were lower than CRIC guidance, and have a higher market price. four new Baisazhou sector has developed rapidly, the government strongly support the plan gradually improved, the future appreciation potential, being favored buyers.

July has always been property sales season, coupled with decades of a rare case of hot weather, the market supply dropped, but sales still maintain a high level. 'Gold at CRIC price index' that a new market to push prices have broad based project, but the opening of the situation, the sales rate is still high, such as the Optics Valley 'Optics Valley of the New World,' Baisazhou 'Kaisa Golden World', etc. Another phenomenon is not just to be a good product sales, improved products also achieved good deal. Even so, the market is still undervalued and some overvalued items(

CRIC guidance from the actual transaction price and item comparison, this month, the higher valuation risk projects focus on Hanyang and Wuchang, Hanyang District as 'Seine River', 'Chiharu shore.' From a price perspective not recommended project fold higher than the sector average, overvalued by more than 10%, given the 'not recommended' rating.

August 2013 Wuhan strongly recommended real estate TOP8

Ranking Project Name actual sale price (yuan / square meter) CRIC guide price (yuan / square meter) plate

1 OCT 1150013000 Xudong

2 RONGQIAO JJ 1170013000 Baofeng

3 Guanlan International 72007900 four new

4 Forte Lake International 1260014000 South North

5 Qingjiang Jincheng Qingneng 64007040 Baisazhou

6 Crystal Li Du 62006820 tech

7 Golden Sontu the 1st 910,010,010 Luxiang

8 Lanting four new era 70157717

(The real estate price is for reference only, actual project marketing centers prevail.

(Original title: gold at CRIC House Price Index released in August 'highly recommended' Property released

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