"Zero School Choice" Forced to run every school education sector

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Implementation of the 'zero-school choice' Soon, parents of students with petitions touched Zhejiang educational administrative departments nerves.

Event the reason is that Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, next to the garden Wucheng era Experimental Primary School, run by the railway sector is a transfer of local primary schools, infrastructure and the quality of teaching is relatively weak in the past, this exclusive residential area in the money, the right of parents to send their children to a school other urban schools, between schools and residential property owners live in peace.

From top to bottom, the province's implementation of the 'zero-school choice', the era of the garden owners found the money and power can not school choice, school-age children only in Wucheng Experimental Primary School Student parents to accept the demands of quality education and school education sudden sharp contradiction between the quality up.

Education sector to address the demands of parents, and school choice are not allowed, then it must be run Wucheng District Experimental Primary School. Jinhua City, the relevant departments to raise 1(http://www.best-news.us/).1 million yuan Wucheng Wucheng District Experimental Primary School funds to decorate a new, modern education teaching additions equipment, and let the hundred schools - Primary Teachers form Jinhua educational community, accredited teacher teaches, and ultimately to properly resolve this from petitions.

Lucheng District of Wenzhou City, an aunt asked the District Education Bureau Deputy Director Chunyan pool, her home in a good school nearby, just to the original People's Education Foundation donated 50,000 yuan on the elite can make grandson and now this entry road trip illogical, or put their pension rights transfer to the son of the house, we have to pay 170,000 yuan taxes, a few years after her daughter's children go to school and how to do?

''Zero school choice' to bring maximum pressure educational administrative departments, is to do high-quality balanced school, meet the masses so that children receive quality education needs.' Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Christian Education Director Fangtian Lu said, compared easily spend a two million yuan purchase prestigious school district room, spend a few million to choose a quality school is a low-cost things, economic conditions are somewhat well-off families get drawn in this part of the money, which is leading to 'School Choice hot' the main reason for the a.

There are some parents think: Since school choice nowhere, then you can always choose the teacher thing. Wenzhou City Po shoes city primary school principals Zhuodong Jian encountered such a problem. Lucheng District Education Bureau to consult, the school implemented classroom teacher 'strength' with the system, ie classes language lessons by the teacher speaking, mathematics, English is a young teacher, math teacher is the backbone of the second class teacher, language, English teacher was recently graduated from university teachers, and so on so that parents do not way to choose classes.

'School Choice in further consolidating governance arbitrary charges achievements, it must also focus on strengthening the weak school construction, and promote the balanced development of compulsory education.' Zhejiang Provincial Education Department deputy director Han Ping said that Zhejiang will further standardize planning school construction, expanding high-quality coverage of educational resources, to narrow the urban-rural, between regions, between schools, students uneven development between the groups(News News http://www.best-news.us/).

(Original title: 'Zero School Choice' Forced to run every school education sector

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