Closely linked to the "four winds" look into the problem to ensure that no false unbiased not empty

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Fanrui Ping to some provincial departments of education research and practice activities, stressed

WASHINGTON (Reporter Zhou forward on August 8, Provincial Committee, Organization Department Fanrui Ping access to some provincial departments, research Party's mass line educational practice, to understand the progress of work, cadres and the masses to listen to opinions and suggestions, he stressed the need to follow the central and provincial requirements, and always focus on the 'four winds' to address the issue, identify and solve problems, to ensure that educational practice is not true, is not empty, not partial, and promote healthy activities in depth, people are satisfied with the results achieved.

During the investigation, Fanrui Ping has come to the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Justice Department, the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security Department, into the offices, to the window, face to face with the cadres and the masses of workers and students learn more about the various units of educational practice progress, listen to the cadres and workers public opinions and suggestions, fully affirmed the effectiveness of the activities of each unit, asked all units to further focus on the 'four winds' issue, and effectively improve the quality and level of activity.

Fanrui Ping stressed that educational practice can not be air-to dare to face and solve problems and achieve change work style of cadres, to win the masses satisfied to deepen the study and discussion, the study as a strong party cadres, improve quality, and enhance the ability of the important methods to promote learning institutionalization and solve engineering contradiction to deepen find the problem, the unit main party leaders talk about for example, focuses on the 'four winds' verified identify problems and improve their own error correction ability to better serve the grassroots service enterprises serve the masses, improve public satisfaction. should deepen the practice and training, through the activities of the Union Village, helping the whole process, in batches organize cadres to the countryside, farmers in depth, face to face with the people to listen to views is difficult, in practice, transit style education. To open many levels of democratic life, examine carefully their own shortcomings, organize talk talk, to further identify the problem, to further promote educational practice(

(Original title: closely, 'four winds' look into the problem to ensure that no false unbiased not empty

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