Three institutions held mid-year report exposure

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Shenzhen Chinese Commercial News reporters Chen Yanqing and Shi Xisheng Cheng Jia Huan

Currently Daily News has entered the intensive disclosure period. Previously Fund in quarterly has been published, in addition, A shares of the three institutions: venture capital, social security and the movements of QFII in the second quarter will undoubtedly attract the attention of investors. WIND data show as of yesterday, venture capital in the second quarter and Zengcang 35 new stocks, new entrants and social security in the second quarter Masukura stocks 45, QFII in the second quarter and Zengcang new stock 7 from the data, as of yesterday, two Three quarters of organizations all have love, venture capital and other emerging industries prefer TMT stocks, social security for pharmaceutical stocks favored a plus, but still stick to blue chips QFII.

Emerging venture capital holdings and consumption

WIND data show that as of yesterday, the company announced in mid-year report 53 appeared the figure of venture capital, stocks of which 35 were in the second quarter to buy or Zengcang.

Venture capital in the second quarter with 20 new stocks, including Feng Qi shares Topchoice medical and super technology the proportion of outstanding shares held by the top three, three stocks held by venture capital accounted for the proportion of tradable shares were 5( , 3.07% and 3.04%. these three stocks Topchoice medical best performance in the second quarter rose 33 percent, super technology in the second quarter fell 15%, while entering the third quarter rose 40 percent, Feng Qi shares are lackluster, two quarter was up 1%.

Calculated according to the proportion of total outstanding shares, venture capital in the second quarter Masukura stocks are 15, including boss appliances, Wo Xin shares of Wing Tai Technology, Fengle Seed, Zengcang Kingdream ranked top five, Zengcang circulation proportion of shares were more than 1%, however, this five stocks in the second quarter's performance is poor, in addition to electrical boss second quarter rose by 29%, the remaining four stocks fell in the second quarter, Wo Xin shares fell 11.6 percent, Yongtai Technology and Fengle Seed fell 20 percent, Kingdream fell 19%.

It is worth mentioning that the boss was safe electrical system holds three insurance products, the total shareholding of up to 1204.5 million shares, 12(Finance News the proportion of tradable shares held, venture capital is the highest proportion of outstanding shares held stocks. Stock this year or doubled, the performance is very eye-catching.

From the industry distribution, venture capital in the second quarter and Zengcang new stocks in the TMT sector stocks up as super technology, CPT technology sunlord, Farah electronics, the sun lighting, Baosight, in addition to venture capital is also configure some big consumer stocks, such as pharmaceutical care through policy, Ruikang medicine, agriculture Fengle Seed, food category Qiaqia food, textile and apparel Souyute.

Social Security in the second quarter love medicine

Trends in the social security fund has been of concern for investors. WIND data show that as of yesterday, the social security fund in the second quarter 22 new stocks, which Fuling mustard, Rich Reiter equipment, Zhejiang Zhenyuan ranked the highest proportion of new shares outstanding before buying three, social security holdings were 9.41%, 5.37% and 5.12%, while stocks have been Masukura 23, the highest proportion Zengcang top three Sinomatech, Ruikang medicine and Little Swan A, Zengcang rates were 5.67%, 3.96% and 3.26%.

In the new and Zengcang of 45 stocks, there are two stocks entering the third quarter were particularly strong. Fuling mustard favored addition to obtaining Social Security Fund, the China Post Core Preferably, the rich Shui strong fund buying in the second quarter were also into the 126 million shares and 62 million shares, the stock since the third quarter rose more than three percent.

Jebsen shares daily limit yesterday, since the third quarter rose 36 percent, the new social security fund in the second quarter Jebsen bought 191.98 million shares, representing outstanding shares shareholding ratio reached 3.52%. Moreover, Yimin innovation advantage, China Bonus mixing and Changsheng Palit theme three new funds in the second quarter were bought shares outstanding 4.22%, 2.13% and 1.91%. these institutions can be described as earn bowl full of pots full.

From the industry distribution, social security and a new second quarter Masukura stocks are widely distributed, of which a maximum of pharmaceutical stocks, such as Ruikang medicine, Alexander Walter, Wah Yan Pharmaceutical Tiankang biology, Hokuriku Pharmaceutical Tasly etc. are increasing social security hold, while social security is still the second quarter of Zhejiang Zhenyuan new, Topchoice medical, pharmaceutical beings, red medicine and other stocks.

QFII favor blue chips

As of yesterday, QFII second quarter held a total of 15 stocks, of which five new stocks, Masukura stocks 2: Ruikang medicine and Kingdream. Published mid-year report from the Company's shareholders, second quarter of QFII Key layout is still blue-chip stocks based.

WIND data, QFII heavily loaded with 10 stocks, China Petrochemical, Shimao shares, Fuyao, confidence Electric, extending ZHJ, Kingdream, Luntai A, China Shipping Development, 8 are all blue chip stocks. QFII two quarterly Kingdream, Ruikang medicine had holdings, number of holdings were 134 million shares, 50 million shares, while Fuyao, Shimao shares holdings in larger quantities, namely 579 million shares, 684 million shares.

QFII positions change from the situation, in the second quarter QFII new five stocks were China Petrochemical, Luntai A, extend ZHJ, Enlight Media, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass, except for the light media GEM stocks, the rest can go for the blue chips, China Sinopec in the second quarter was Qatar Holding positions 6309.62 million shares, becoming the second quarter QFII positions with the largest stocks.

For the three institutions holdings Angnuo investment Hu Hongwei, said yesterday that the social security in the first half gallon pharmaceutical stocks mainly for defensive reasons, pharmaceutical stocks to determine growth, defensive ability, indicating that the market is not too good. Various insurance company investment manager styles, some involved in venture capital growth stocks with market speculation, but not part of its Opening TMT stocks is considered among the long-term bullish for QFII, its investment style is more interested in long-term, its portfolio generally choose among blue chips in various industries to configure.

Second quarter venture capital stake five

Code Name proportion of total outstanding shares (%

002508 Electric boss 12.98

002,538 Sierte 6.89

002,343 shares of 6.29 Wo Xin

002,521 shares of 5.49 Qi Feng

000,713 Fengle Seed 5.26

Social Security of the second quarter stake five

Code Name proportion of total outstanding shares (%

000418 Little Swan A9.61

002507 Fuling mustard 9.41

002,649 BeyondSoft 8.22

300,354 Donghua test 8.19

002080 Sinomatech 8.06

QFII second quarter stake five

Code Name proportion of total outstanding shares (%

002,595 4.35 heroic Technology

002 589 3.04 Ruikang medicine

002033 Lijiang Tourism 2.25

002,448 ZYNP 1.50

000,852 Kingdream 1.47

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