Middle-aged man with children before selling withholding of Force

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[Shenzhen Economic Daily News] (Reporter Shen Xiao Ni Recently, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported that some criminals in front of the traffic police team selling withholding points yesterday, the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau in the city's campaign against 'the sale of' special action. Traffic police bureau dispatched 15 groups destroyed four trading points gang, arresting 22 people, including five organizers, the sale of personnel 17 people.

Someone in front of several police team openly selling 'withholding points,' and even some nearby shops are also engaged in this business, business is booming. Exposure through Shenzhen Daily, yesterday, the traffic police department for a large inventory.

11:00, Longgang Dragon City traffic police brigade squadron illegal disposal sites, the police investigation found a car parked on the roadside, the windows have a 'generations to pay a fine, free copy' a small billboard. Ask police approached and found There are a lot of car traffic offense notices and books deal with bills, after careful search, the police found in the boot of a photocopier(http://www.best-news.us/). After an investigation, the suspect copying of others and above the regular license altered into their own names, disguised as legal status, then drove outside the window at the traffic police deal with illegal observation is required to withhold a solicitation of staff came to him, and then through the network, mobile phone and other points collected no driver's license, organization withholding points, which earned Take the difference for profit.

Motorized traffic police battalion Zhu Bin introduction: 'He next to a teenage child to help attract business.'

15:00 yesterday, the reporter came to the traffic police bureau Dragonball drunk driving disposal center, this time people have been arrested have been accepted for processing. Zhu Bin said that the recent renovation found that many criminals in the street 'stall' sale scores. Transportation Since the implementation of the illegal scoring, trading Points more than ever, he said: 'The sale of the criminal case because of 9 33 people, 37 more than 60 people in administrative detention.'

In processing the scene, selling points organizer Chen, 43, also took the children in the traffic police bureau grasp conclusive evidence in the case, he still does not admit his guilt. 'I do not have trading points, just copy over there, I not the organizer(News News http://www.best-news.us/). 'Chen 12-year-old son, said:' Do not ask me, I do not know anything. '

Reporters learned that, in accordance with the provisions of the illegal trading of personnel will be detained for 10 days of punishment, for further investigation by the organizers, as the case reached the standard investigation will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Right to buy points were involved in machine EMU offense records restored to the state before playing a single traffic police bureau also dispatched its vehicles, asking them to deal with as soon as possible to the Vehicle Administration.

'Buy points to reach 12 points owners have been held corresponding responsibilities, faced administrative detention punishment.' Zhu Bin remind owners that if there be scored, should take the initiative to be trained, do not attempt to look for elimination of personnel.

(Original title: middle-aged man with children before selling withholding of Force

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