Will be built before the end of 30 national physique monitoring stations (points) tailored "exercise prescription"

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WASHINGTON (Chinese Business Morning News reporter Room Chinese ring network director Yan Yan Lai Shenyang residents have been running exercise habits, can pass physical tests yesterday, he did not know their physical condition is more suitable for relatively gentle Tai Chi practice.

Yesterday was National Fitness Day, the province of 'fitness, sharing the whole operation' as the theme of the event in Shenyang West District gliding indoor fitness Centre. Mr. Li in the active site of the national physique monitoring points on their physical condition test, and get a tailor-made 'exercise prescription.'

National Physique Monitoring is done by the public body shape, physical function, physical three aspects of a number of indicators for testing and evaluation by the software level, scoring, and then gives each person for the corresponding 'exercise prescription.'

Shenyang National Physique Monitoring Centre Jiang Ming introduction, physical monitoring and medical examination at the hospital usually different, such as the body shape, the physique monitoring not only to measure height, sitting height, weight, bust, waist, hips, but also with a special The caliper measuring skinfold thickness, ie the thickness of subcutaneous fat in the body function, not only to measure pulse, blood pressure, lung capacity, but also through the steps to determine the dynamic heart rate movement, in physical terms, they have different ages according to situation, from the standing long jump, tennis throw away, Sit and Reach, 10 m shuttle run, walk the balance beam, feet continuous jump, grip strength, back strength, vertical jump, push-ups, one minute sit-ups, standing on one foot with eyes closed select some other projects for testing(http://www.best-news.us/).

Through physical monitoring, the public can learn their physical condition, you can also get a 'exercise prescription', the 'prescription' can be a most beneficial for individuals body training methods, and the most appropriate physical activity and exercise intensity.

Jiang Ming introduction, usually working pressure is relatively large, often overtime, relatively fast pace of life, with little or basically do not do fitness crowd, such as some enterprises, especially private enterprises working class as well as to pressure management staff, etc., most need to do physical monitoring.

According to the plan, before the end of this year, Shenyang will build 30 national physique monitoring stations (points, including a municipal and 14 district and county (city national physique monitoring stations (points, 15 Community National Physique Monitoring center in Shenyang City, districts, counties (cities and development zones will be at least three to five national physique monitoring team, initially built national physique monitoring network of the city's National Physique Monitoring the number will reach over 160,000 people (excluding students.

At present, Shenyang has built and district stations (points occasionally to gyms free to organize the people to monitor. Pending 30 national physique monitoring stations (points are completed, will be free or low-cost symbolic open to the public.

(Original title: will be built before the end of 30 national physique monitoring stations (points tailored 'exercise prescription'

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