China will not squeeze real estate bubble

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News Background

According to the U.S. >> << Forbes magazine website reported on August 1, Deloitte << China real estate investment handbook 2013 edition, predicted that China will not undermine the real estate industry, not to squeeze the real estate bubble, because the real estate industry in China's economic development too important, after all, China is not the United States, Shanghai is not Las Vegas and predicted that the next few months, China's real estate overall investment growth may rebound in the real estate industry this year, China will have better performance. Raced real estate information Network, said, as real estate prices continue to rise, more and more Chinese people will seek to invest in overseas real estate market.

Whether the availability of real estate bubble?

Moderator: Recently, foreign media reports on China's property bubble, so commonplace topic once again become the focus of the industry, then, whether the availability of the Chinese property market bubble?

Zhang Hongwei: from the local market, the current local area market bubble phenomenon does still exist, mainly in the large-scale introduction of the local government district, the new center planning, market development over the region, leading to a serious oversupply, there must be a market bubble (

Zhou Feng: foam must have, no bubble in the market, in fact, is not a healthy market. Like the 1970s before the planned economy era, we can say there is no demand for housing .80 newborn after entering the commercial stage of development , first to meet user demand, and later part of the rich first buy for long term investment, over time, the market has also appeared in the case of unoccupied housing bubble came out.

Zhang Hongwei: return to the market is basically dominated by owner-occupied market demand, the current would like the opportunity to buy and sell short-term is already running out, however, from the local market, does still exist market bubble phenomenon in general , resource-based cities, more active private capital city is likely to cause relatively large property bubble.

Moderator: How to understand what the property bubble?

Zhou Feng: that bubble big, in fact, a particular city appeared a large number of vacant rooms or idle land.

Moderator: Which city bubble bigger?

Zhou Feng: It's hard to say which specific cities biggest bubble, if we say that the object may be fixed in the city to observe the specific sector or real estate more objective, if an estate in the three years after completion of the sale, the occupancy rate is still less than 30 %, or you can determine that it belongs to the majority of investors buy, there are also obvious bubble.

Can the housing bubble squeezed out?

Moderator: the property market there is a bubble or surprising, but the foreign media said, 'China will not squeeze the housing bubble.'

Zhou Feng: I think the government exists to 'squeeze' of consciousness, there have also introduced measures to implement the 'squeeze' the action, but did not have the long-term implementation of the idea, after all, the property market is now associated with the local economy too much overkill, easily spilled( News

Xue Jianxiong: the property market bubble can not rely on a squeeze, but through economic development, accelerating urbanization, so that more people have more money to buy more houses in town, is the fundamental solution.

Moderator: Chinese property bubble is not already come to a point where it can not squeeze?

Zhou Feng: On the current situation, the domestic property market is not yet to the 'non squeeze can not be' the point, at least, all around us, there are still a lot of really want to buy their own homes customers Henzhao to squeeze, will only make the holder moratorium on the sale of the act, the market will be further shortage of supply, the price more difficult to control.

Moderator: Can you understand this: Even if the property market a bubble, it is impossible to rely solely on macro-control policies squeezed out.

Xue Jianxiong: no need, nor do so.

Zhou Feng: In the past decade, is irrefutable evidence, no find circumstantial evidence.

Moderator: What kind of suggestions?

Zhou Feng: the property market in the development process can actually form a self-regulating function, regardless of the development corporation, or the owners, once found himself on hand holding the property can not be the normal circulation in the market, its price will naturally be appropriately adjusted, thereby changing the subject to the control relative to the situation, so the 'squeeze' and 'do not squeeze' should not be made by a single administration or foreign institutions to decide, the market should regulate itself naturally functioning.

Foam urged people to go overseas?

Moderator: It is reported that more and more Chinese people will seek to invest in overseas real estate market, this is not a general trend?

Zhou Feng: This is just the rationalization of information to guide the foreign media, in fact, most people in terms of living in a city for more than 20 years, will produce the idea of trying to convert the environment, investment consciousness the same reason, starting around themselves more familiar place to start to observe and act normal law, it may not be able to mobilize a large number of overseas markets investment nationals desire and money.

Zhang Hongwei: Investing overseas investment risks can be circumvented domestic regulation, resulting in some of the leading development companies also switch to overseas markets.

Moderator: The recent session of the Politburo, and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate.

Zhou Feng: This so-called 'steady development' lack of reference and if the situation according to the evaluation of the first half of this year, the remaining months of this year, the credit may continue to tighten lending to homebuyers is still difficult to enter the market, so 'smooth' There may just be the Government to maintain the 'quantity discount stable' subtext. If the market late last year for reference, then the next few months to re-relax the credit market in order to truly achieve the 'quantity stable', but will also lead to price continue to rise, so this statement is actually very difficult to achieve real balance.

Zhang Hongwei: At restriction, limited credit and other policies stay of execution market context, through the 'active to meet the' first self-supporting households live in housing demand, long-term regulatory mechanism for the introduction of property gain more time, which is expected by year's end or early next year, in this time period should not have a particularly large before the introduction of the policy.

Currently there are indeed some areas market bubble phenomenon --- Zhang Hongwei

In fact, the property market in the development process can form self-regulating functions. --- Zhou Feng

Property market bubble can not rely crowded, but through economic development, accelerate urbanization resolved. --- Xue Jianxiong Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.