Inner Mongolia coal production to slow down

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'Erdos' as Mongolian, meaning 'many of the palaces.' In the 'multitude of palaces', the treasure abundance. Coal purposes only, has proven reserves of more than 149.6 billion tons, accounting for the country's total reserves of 1/6 In the city's 87,000 square kilometers of land, and 70% of coal buried under the surface.

Erdos, Inner Mongolia in recent years, the extraordinarily high visibility boomtown economy, the country's reform and opening up 30 years of 18 typical regions.

'Erdos' as Mongolian, meaning 'many of the palaces.' In the 'multitude of palaces', the treasure abundance. Coal purposes only, has proven reserves of more than 149.6 billion tons, accounting for the country's total reserves of 1/6 In the city's 87,000 square kilometers of land, and 70% of coal buried under the surface.

Erdos 'emerging economy' and the rapid development of the coal mining industry highly relevant. Erdos coal industry development and status, is a microcosm of the entire coal industry in Inner Mongolia(

8% of the decline

This year, Inner Mongolia Erdos coal production as a whole slowed down.

Reporters learned from the Ordos Coal Industry Bureau, in the first half, Ordos City, 270 million tons of coal production, a decrease of more than 2000 tons, down by nearly 8%(Finance News

Decline throughout Mongolia, it reached 8.65 percent, according to Inner Mongolia Coal Industry Bureau statistics, the first half of the region's total production of 447 million tons of coal, 469 million tons over the same period in Shanxi less 22 million tons, ranking second in the country.

Despite the cuts, sales remained sluggish in the first half, Inner Mongolia 435 million tons of coal sales (excluding imported coal), down 9%, 12 million tons production than sales. Largest private coal company in Inner Mongolia Yitai Group sales of 29.87 million tons of coal , representing a decrease of 12.96 million tons, down 30.26 percent.

According to Inner Mongolia Coal Industry Bureau statistics, as prices continued to fall, the coal production loss-making enterprises to further expand, January to May, the coal industry the main business revenue of 156.83 billion yuan, down 5.2%. To the end of May, the coal enterprise losses side to reach 28.8%, the loss amounted to 2.09 billion yuan, an increase of 245.5%, key coal enterprises receivables 53.7 billion yuan, an increase of 80.5%.

To the end of June, there were altogether 67 coal mines shut down, an increase of 47, the region accounted for 20.2% of total coal production.

31-year-old Xiao Gao Dongsheng District, a past state-owned coal enterprises, coal mining was discontinued earlier this year, he used the money to save down at Pioneer Park opened a small cafe.

Erdos Kamba even New Area Administrative Committee encourages the coal bosses career change. An Administrative Committee contacted the owner of a state-owned coal enterprises, given favorable conditions, I hope he can Kangbashen restaurant business.

Rescue and restructuring

This year, in the case of coal prices continued to fall, the Ordos city government to 'rescue' pay a lot of effort, such as holding 'the second transportation of coal production Conference', contributed McEntire, Ito, Department of energy, Man Shi, Ulan, Monteiro six coal companies and 25 users signed a total of 25.8 million tons of coal purchase and sales contracts, through the reduction of taxes, subsidies, tariffs and distribution of coal subsidies and other corporate staff training policies to help the coal enterprises decompression etc. Meanwhile, for the expansion of rail capacity Quartet held a symposium, daily new rail capacity 100,000 tons, with the coordination of the relevant state ministries and strengthen electric power in the channel construction.

In mid-July, China Coal Industry Association organized the first half of 2013 economic operation of coal forum, Inner Mongolia Coal Industry Bureau relevant responsible person said, in response to the current market situation, as the country's key coal-producing provinces, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will actively regulate the production and operation order, strengthening economic operation monitoring and analysis, and increase coal 'fighting rule violation' efforts, non-super-capacity production, guide enterprises to efficiently organize production according to market demand.

Ordos City Coal Industry Bureau official said: 'For coal, the coal mines to encourage poor management consciously stop encouraging intend to postpone this year's production of the new mines into production, slow down time to extend infrastructure.'

In the coal industry and even the city's rapid economic rise of the background, Erdos coal industry cold today, so people become more conscious of the Ordos remove a coal alone thinking about how big hat.

Advocated the building of a green city to require civil servants to 40 trees per species of 100 trees, and to ensure the survival rate, which is a good start.

Ordos City View Hongzhi Yang Young Pioneer Park kicked off, attracting hundreds of young entrepreneurs to invest. According to reports, the rent was particularly cheap, only 1 yuan per square meter per day, but can also enjoy tax relief and other preferential policies.

Regional level, in the development of the coal industry, to further standardize the production and operation, improve the trading system, to reduce the burden of coal enterprises, these areas are struggling.

Production slow down, maybe not a bad thing. Again wonderful game, the team also intermission. Coal to produce the same two or three classes a overhaul. Slow down, intermission, perhaps optimizing the structure, power savings, meet next exciting prelude.

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