Summer line photo Henan Chinese civilization romantic trip to Six

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Kyushu, one of ancient Yuzhou, Henan Province, including the term of the present, so the Henan Henan short while Henan is the birthplace of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, heritage and numerous scenic spots. Summer is approaching, what a romantic, Henan Travel shrine it?

Summer and one of the best romantic travel: thrush Valley area

Thrush scenic valley Tickets: 60 yuan

Summer line photo Henan Chinese civilization romantic trip to Six Thrush Valley area

Scenic valley to the N-thrush Reasons

[Reason # 1] thrush scenic valley, the waterfall, lake, caves, lakes, cliffs, peaks, streams, ditch, flowers, fruit, clouds, forests and other tourism resources, complete

[Reason # 2] thrush scenic valley flowers, fruit thick, dense forests, clear water and unconventional, waterfall pool clusters, four different scenery(

[Reason 3] thrush Valley area is vacation, leisure, tourism, ideal for the tour.

Summer line photo Henan Chinese civilization romantic trip to Six Thrush Valley area

Thrush Valley area: Located in the territory of Lushan County, West Yao Town, Shiren Mountain Mountain scenic area, with a total area of ​​30 square kilometers. Scenic from Pingdingshan City, 100 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Luohe, Xuchang, all within 200 kilometers , 311 National Road runs through the area, the location and convenient transportation. area in November 2002 began construction in April 2004 formally tourists, in December 2004 by the Provincial Tourism Administration of Henan tourist attractions.

Summer Best Romantic Excursion II: Bali Gou scenic

Bali Gou scenic Tickets: 80 yuan

Summer line photo Henan Chinese civilization romantic trip to Six Bali Gou scenic

Go to Bali Gou scenic N Reasons

[Reason # 1] unique Bali Gou mountain, three drill down cliffs, heavy love rolling peaks, rugged rocks across both Titan's forceful, Huangshan scenery, but also the upright Songshan, Huashan steep, majestic, proudly standing(Travel News

[Reason # 2] area within the seasons flow constantly, three nine Bay Creek, waterfalls Ming stream, waterfall pool and groaning, water Gan Lie, aqua clear, visitors praised as the 'Central Jiuzhaigou, northern water world.'

[Reason 3] Bali Gou picturesque scenery, quaint, original natural forest coverage of 90% or more, there are 1700 kinds of plant species, the annual average temperature of 14 degrees and a pleasant climate. Scenic atmosphere containing up to 5000 negative ions / cc, is a at leisure 'natural oxygen bar.'

[Reason 4] landscape fine art galleries. Landscape is ideal for viewing the original resort, leisure warm home, back to nature paradise.

Bali Gou scenic: Located 50 kilometers northwest of Xinxiang City, Henan Province, with a total area of ​​28 square kilometers, is a typical South Pacific trip scenery, is a national 4A level scenic spots, national geological parks, nature conservation areas macaque, a famous scenic spot in Henan Province, Henan top ten scenic province. blend of Taihang water essence, set odd, dangerous, Chun, show, in a secluded valley, known as 'the soul of Taihang, Chinese character', was gardening experts as 'Asia is a must.'

Summer Best Romantic Travel to three: the Grand Canyon in western Henan

Grand Canyon West Henan Tickets: 60 yuan (adult ticket), 128 yuan (rafting), 188 yuan (ticket + rafting)

Summer line photo Henan Chinese civilization romantic trip to Six Yuxi Grand Canyon

Go to the Grand Canyon in western Henan N Reasons

[Reason # 1] Whenever the flood season, fly on the lake splash of jade beads, steaming mist, the sound of thunder, magnificent, sunny season, the waterfall as the Bai Lian Jiao vacant exquisite beauty.

[Reason # 2] Double drifting boat safety factor, simple operation, although scared but no insurance, called the Central Plains first warrior drift, hanging canyon waterfalls, streams gurgling, Tan Qing secluded pool, play paddle by rubber boat splashing into the water flow through the valley in between Chui Ling, enjoy canyoning passion.

[Reason 3] to western Henan Grand Canyon Scenic waterfalls, ponds Pond features, set sightseeing, leisure, climbing gym and other functions in one of the eco-Natural Beauty.

[Reason 4] Cong Tan swim big waterfalls, enjoy canyoning passion, exploration Longquan ditch virgin forest, visit the cave to see folk performances.

Yuxi Grand Canyon Scenic Area: located in Henan, Qin, Jin provinces with the Department of Road Town magistrate Sanmenxia City Romer territory. Romer is one with a 2116 history of the ancient county, is the birthplace of Luo culture an important part, splendid culture, long history. According to legend, the late Qin Bo Shilu Ao avoid war at Bear ears, alchemy cure, fight the plague. thus named. And here's the pleasant scenery.

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