Brand room rate performance across the board gains across the board in July to compete in key areas tier cities

Published: 8:45:30 August 9,2013  Views: 1612

With the brand's corporate performance rooms have announced, in July before the real estate market recovery is on the developer to get the final results confirmed, in a large room business performance across the board gains across the board, while China Vanke, Poly, sea and other real estate industry leader in the seats, is caught in an unprecedented fierce competition.

Housing prices before the July number of the rapid growth of sales

August 6, Vanke published results show that in July, the company achieved sales area of ​​1.182 million square meters, annual sales amount of 13.97 billion yuan .2013 1-7 months Vanke total sales area of ​​8.346 million square meters, sales amounted to 976.5 billion, one hundred billion step away.

Results also growing rapidly along with Poly, August 6, Poly released results show that in July Poly Real Estate (Paul Leisy mountains language Poly new jasmine mansion) contracted area of ​​626,500 square meters, down 18(, with a contracted amount of 69.06 billion yuan, down 24.05 percent from January to July .2013, Poly Real Estate contracted area of ​​6,246,800 square meters, an increase of 21.27%, with a contracted amount of 70( News billion yuan, an increase of 18.79%.

Vanke, Poly released the day before the July monthly report, Overseas Property released half-year results show that the first half of China Overseas Land & Sea contracted sales reached a record 80.07 billion Hong Kong dollars, in view of satisfactory sales in the first half, in the sea decided to annual sales target to HK $ 120 billion, compared with HK $ 100 billion set for the beginning of a 20% increase.

In addition to performance data in the sea, a particularly noteworthy feature of the personnel changes, China Overseas Land Board Chairman Kong Qingping, announced on August 6 that it will officially retire, Chairman of the Board will be filled by the Deputy Chairman and Executive Chairman Hao Jian Min as Another A notice is, in the sea controlling shareholder of China building, intends to present, China Construction and Real Estate Division, built in China Land Limited and China State Construction International (CCT · Sequoia Valley Construction International Hong Kong) Construction Co. operated real estate development business injected into the sea. two announcement released suddenly, suddenly sparked extensive discussion, outshining performance.

2012 data show CSCECL's real estate business in 2012 annual sales of 21 billion yuan, the sea real estate is 1115 million. Two together last year, sales have been over one hundred billion yuan. Shanghai Yi Ju researcher Yan leap that domestic brand enterprises in the sea and in the ward building restructuring, the brand has been integrated, complementary advantages not only internally, but also to avoid competition, improve economies of scale, future of real estate boss battle will become increasingly fierce, and the size of the other housing prices Placing further widen.

Tier cities become competitive in key areas

Central Plains real estate statistics show that the first half of 2013, ten benchmarking enterprises accounting for real estate sales sales ratio was 11.6% growth over 2012 to continue to improve, benchmarking enterprises to seize market share faster, further improve the industry concentration .

Essence Securities report shows that before July tier cities housing land supply and turnover year on year growth of 163% and 137%, much higher than the 40 city average of 20% and 33%. Centaline Dawei, director of market research analysis: from Currently the national property market perspective, a second-tier cities as gathering too many resources, making prices up difficult or easy, brand room rate will be rendered white-hot trend in the first-tier cities.

Beijing, for example, with the July lot item appears just to be 'generous' push plate phenomenon supply units emergence of new high, while the long standing demand also appears every supply volume concentration of the outbreak, both supply and demand the same time force makes first week of August auction also began to pick up. Vantone Tianzhu new homes · Creek Hyatt House, Beijing Urban Construction · on Bay, Beijing International Trade City, COFCO Vanke Dive into other projects into the market, August 2, located on a bend of the Miyun 28 floor, 20 storey high-rise Cored 14-15, 8 6 storey multi-storey houses, a total of 2,422 units, the main unit is 73-84 square meters with two bedrooms and a 90-140 square meters Sanju.

Vice President Asia-Hao Ren Qixin institutions that August first week though fewer number of items into the market, but the push plate single project is still relatively optimistic and into August, the mid-year consolidation period as the end of the second half of 'war' The officially opened, the project market enthusiasm will continue to increase the number of projects is expected to enter the market in August or will reach 30. market increase in the number of items, as well as 'generous' push plate features remain, making the August market supply or a further highs. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.