Kunming Eight students of a younger age is increasingly clear reason why you have not caught?

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Kunming Eight students of a younger age is increasingly clear reason why you have not caught?

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China Youth Research Center recently released survey shows that 70.1 percent of Chinese students studying abroad [microblogging] interested eighty percent (79(http://www.best-news.us/).9%) in favor of children abroad to study Chinese parents present, Kunming students has expanded each year, popular, young to promote the study of the hot market.

With the national economy in recent years, various aspects of education to accelerate the process of internationalization, more and more qualified families, will consider to send their children abroad to study and further studies, while, according to the statistics of relevant institutions, study abroad has become nearly a younger age several years studying the market trends very obvious one, more and more families to consider at the beginning of high school to send their children abroad to study, so that children can adapt to the foreign teaching system and learning methods, because different secondary education at home and abroad, so that children in the future be able to enter a world-class university study all aspects of the preparation.

In Kunming, more and more parents [microblogging] are considering in high school the child will be sent abroad to receive education abroad, so that can avoid the need to bear children in the country's college entrance examination [microblogging] pressure, and in After high school courses abroad can also apply for a better international university, for children is a good choice for parents who think, will send their children abroad, as long as the funds to keep up with, no matter from which side is dominant.

Reason 1

Better learning mode

On the secondary phase of the study, to Canada's education, for example, than the domestic secondary school curriculum more flexible options, in addition to the basic required courses, students can according to interests and future aspirations of the direction to choose their own courses to learn to develop their own learning as well as life planning goals, while foreign students pay more attention to education learning ability, the teacher's role in this process is to help students work together so that students can play a greater autonomy.

Reason 2

Accumulate a number of employment of capital

Mr. Wang's daughter Fifi, academic performance has been a big concern of parents from the school, she scores each of the candidates have not even reached an intermediate level, but also often in the class 'catch a duck.' Helplessness I, Fifi's parents After graduating from elementary school in her family care for her transfer to Beijing to study, however, two junior high school later, Fifi results or no improvement. Thus, in Fifi read three days when the whole family to discuss a number of times, and after more than times abroad test [microblogging] police, decided to let Fifi to high school in Sydney, Australia in order to secure her daughter, Fifi's parents settled in Sydney looking to do at a local Zhejiang guardian guardian of her daughter at home, room and board, the cost per year 130,000 yuan or so, plus learning and pocket money, the annual cost of around 200,000(Education News http://www.best-news.us/). 'daughter graduated from high school, and now has a university in Sydney, before her daughter's math scores in the class is the worst, to Sydney , into a class the best, and, before the English poor mess, now spoken clearly a lot better, although it has spent nearly a million, but we think it is worth it, after all, a fluent English is the future Employment Capital ah! '

Reason 3

Other people's children are out

'Surrounded by people who know most of the children abroad, the children are in want, so, until graduating from high school, we went to put the children to Canada. Too young to go out that we do not trust, high school, go for a walk Ye Hao .. If not let children out, one child unhappy, and secondly, we say it in front of friends, nor face, people say their children abroad, his heart is still a little less uncomfortable, now out, this will be no uncomfortable! 'Suen said. Mr. Sun is not quite worry about the cost of their children abroad, villages demolition, the cost would be sufficient to make up the child in a foreign country to be a few years.

Reason 4

The spirit is more important than material

Mr. Li is a state-owned middle managers, are still many years ago, went to Germany to study mechanical engineering for nearly two years. 'Son of the sophomore year, and high school, we will let him go to Germany, because I am learning During the understanding of the German friends, work attitude is very rigorous, very responsible, and, for the attitude of the money, nor did we so keen. 'Lee believes that now participate in the work of young people, most of them feel that life, work pressure Mr. Li felt that for a man, is not the lack of substance, which is the basic guarantee of life, however, too much focus on substance, and the spirit on the air. 'I think that this environment is not conducive to the child's growth and development, So, I will let his son go, I hope he's learning and work in the future can be created in a number of high life and values. '

Reason 5

Greener living environment

'Every day to work, if you are driving, be stuck in the viaduct at least one hour, if the bus, at peak times, to get on is a miracle, at the station waiting for the bus, car exhaust smell increasingly heavy, it is hard unspeakable. 'Ms. Zhang said she hoped that his son in the future after graduation to find a easy migration [microblogging] national settlement. For children, a healthy, environmentally friendly living environment is very important.

Reason 6

Establish connections

Taotao from the kindergarten, the parents began to pick his elementary school. Way of mortgage bought a house near the school, in order to let the children go abroad, Taotao's parents sold the house now, Grandma moved Taotao live at home. everything we do, is to allow the child to establish good connections. 'If Taotao go abroad to study, there is hope in the future we do business abroad, if Taotao find a foreign wife, we can also have several blue-eyed grandson, think about all happy ah! 'Taotao's parents say so.

Reason 7

Very attractive green card

Because of their poor decisions, the company closed down three years later, when Mr. Chen vagrant, appreciate the hard, destitute, despised by others and so on circumstances, these experiences will allow Mr. Chen has to think of it bitter, so, after several After years of struggle finally played in the economic turnaround of Chen, after graduating from junior high school daughter, let her daughter go to the United States, 'a little earlier to go, do immigrants easier! I hope that her daughter can get a green card, so As a result, they can get a passport to enjoy more than 100 countries for business, travel visa-free entry, various social insurance, I just want a better life for her protection, do not like me, ate food that are unemployed depends on someone's face mouth. '

Reason 8

Desperate to flee

'My son is too naughty, do not love learning, one day only know the Internet, play, play basketball!' She has said this, She has to find a psychiatrist for his son, for the school, but his son is still no change Later, She heard colleagues say Thai reading one cheap, two small languages ​​are now looking for a job very good looking, so, She let her son went to Thailand. 'the child's education, and we are desperate, go Thailand a few million a year, we save a little, can withstand. 'She has a really are reluctant to let children out,' but there is no way ah, if the child still in China, all day long to dawdle, the future looking even work less, if the Thai study for years, at least back when a tour guide can also be mixed with food that ah! 'She has some frustration. (Reporter: Li Jing reports)

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