Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing

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Surfing mentioned, most people think of sunny Hawaii or Australia, because these places can be described as a paradise for surfers, however, and other places in India and Morocco, surfing has become a keen sports people. Surfing just simply to a single floating on the waves of the plate only, it has no right temperature, seawater specific requirements, so no matter what, people will find their own way to surf.

Recently, the U.S. Fox News Channel has visited a number of unexpected unique surf you feel you want to go?

United Arab Emirates: Dubai

Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing Dubai

Although they can not be rushed into the Persian Gulf surfers, Dubai still has the world's most advanced surfing pool. This surfing pool in the desert. Wadi There are rafting adventure, and can be adjusted to 10 feet high waves, which so sound equipment makes 莎莉菲茨吉 Rubens (Sally Fitzgibbons) can enhance the sound of her surfing action(

Great Lakes

Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing Great Lakes

Surfing is by no means a water sports or exercise is needed to warm weather, the 'Third Coast' surf all year round, but winter is prime time on Lake Michigan in the winter winds can make waves up to 30 feet high(Travel News Especially in Sheboygan (Sheboygan) and Wisconsin (Wisconsin), by organizing Dairyland Surf Classic tournament (1988-2012) became a surfing resort. organizers said the event is the world's largest gathering of freshwater surfers of the event. Unfortunately, it is in 2013 was terminated.

India Kovalam

Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing India Kovalam

Although India has 4700 km of coastline, but its surf culture has just begun. Kovalam Surf Club is India's first organized Surf Club which is headquartered in the coastal areas of Kerala .2005 by non-governmental organization (NGO) established in order to attract children to school to keep the club's success and the lighthouse beach 150 meters of artificial reefs, making this city became India's surfing center town in May held the first ever Indian Surf Competition - the Spice Coast Open.

UK Severn River

Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing UK Severn River

Severn River is the longest river in Britain, but also has a rare natural phenomenon which has the world's 60 bore (off the coast into the narrow and shallow tidal estuary, the waves surging stacked) of rivers one of these waves in the spring can reach 6 feet tall and can travel a few miles upstream. resulting local surf culture, including the unofficial world record holder with Steve Kane (Steve King) is also very keen on this surf .

Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe)

Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe)

Sierra Nevada ski resort is not only a growing number of adventure fans recognize in the autumn storm comes, in Lake Tahoe cold, clear water surfing possibilities.


Refreshing Summer those incredible surfing Iceland

This seemingly fiery Arctic islands is also a place where you can surf, if you do not mind wearing some thick neoprene and braved near-freezing temperatures, you can in Reykjavik (Reykiavik) southwest of Lake True Peninsula (Reykjanes Peninsula) surfing experience, because this peninsula surrounded by the North Atlantic, it will have a wave crest throughout the year. (practice compilation: Wen Chang Reviewer: Zhao Xiaoxia)

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