Car reorganization can not rely "visible hand"

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The parties to re-select, peaceful break, can be considered as a combination of the original error correction is a relief for Changan, Changhe is also for a fresh start.

With the Department of Chang'an Changhe Automobile seek out solo, more than three years ago that a single 'central enterprises among the largest automotive industry strategic restructuring' has become sadly endgame, of course, the parties re-select, peaceful break, can be considered a combination of the original error a modification of Chang is a relief for Changhe is also a new beginning, the pieces so it could be a new start, but from the auto industry restructuring and integration standpoint, this failed restructuring Available in many cases reference.

Chang had acquired Changhe, Hafei, from the outset not to be optimistic, because the apparent lack of Chang'an's ability to integrate the two loss-making enterprises, just for the reorganization reorganization face large and Riko weak. Industry argument, Chang'an just following orders, staged a Field is not intended to 'Chinese-style acquisitions.' However, from the moment Chang'an was through mergers and acquisitions among the 'big four' pride of view, this case is indeed a merger may also want to expand the scale of its shortcuts( strength and 'three' Chang'an far, very aware of the need in one fell swoop among the 'big four' in order to win the policy initiative.

Xu Ping Chang helm believe in 'political economy.' His famous line is impressive: 'never pure economics, political economy only. Politics determines economics.' 'If the political and economic aspects to grasp from , combined with the law of development of automobile industry itself, you might be able to grasp the range of issues more clearly. 'Perhaps it is adhering to this' political economy 'in the reorganization of Chang'an Changhe, Hafei after he and several local governments signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the rapid expansion of the national distribution, so that those in power to provoke intense headquarters location criticism and protest.

Apply a senior automotive industry saying: 'At present, domestic enterprises do not have complete reorganization of an enterprise's ability.' But since it has been implemented mergers and acquisitions, we should devote themselves to integrate digestion, make every effort to put in place integrated solutions in this regard is the really play the 'political economy' when, not just for staking(Automotive News Indeed, Changan Changhe acquisitions, Hafei after importing a large group to the other funds and technology are not many years to achieve the commitments did not realize losses . and the introduction of international resources reshape SAIC Nanjing Automobile industry, leveraging capital operation GAC reshape the practice of Hunan auto industry compared to Chang'an in the use of the 'political economics' side also slightly worse than a chip.

Four layout, Changan and epiphany-like contraction front, focus on cultivating Chongqing camp, build a global R & D system, which makes Chang'an back on the right path, especially connected to the global research landscape in one fell swoop international resources, bringing the current Changan car Accumulate the same time, a joint venture between Chang'an efforts to adjust for Changan Ford and Changan Mazda promote a smooth separation, like access to a car owned enterprises Changhe production qualification, but detonated long backlog of discontent between the two sides pushed to break situation in the consideration of this event, Changan enterprise management rules in line with the behavior, but it seems to go against their own 'political science determines economics' principle.

Thus, in the automotive industry, mergers and acquisitions, we should beats, but also try to sort out from the boundaries of the government and the market early in the morning interests of all parties to do top-level design, and resolutely implement, is the most fundamental problem If from the outset unclear, the subsequent integration will be easy trade-off.

It is said that Changan Changhe out after A secondary reorganization plan is to seek cooperation and JMC. If you can make the trip, it is expected to build as much as SAIC-GM-Wuling shareholder side of the micro car companies, and the introduction of international management experience in order to re- Plastic SOEs from the domestic automobile enterprises and brand development, is bound to international standards in order to have better prospects in the enterprise merger and reorganization of international forces should be leveraging in this regard, as a shareholder parties JMC one of Chang'an, originally also can make a difference, but it may be subject to their own resources and capabilities, and ultimately failed to 'political economy' really used wisely.

Chen Zhijie

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