Ali imminent financial credit to pay up to 5,000 yuan overdraft

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Extensive network Beijing on Aug. 9 news (reporter Ma Chuang, according to Voice of China << News Coverage >> reported yesterday, the network upload a heavy message, Ali will next week launch financial credit payment services, users do not need to use the PayPal payment bank card can be directly tied overdraft consumption, the amount of up to 5,000 yuan. Alipay will be able to register a real money overdraft, really is that right?

Internet banking is becoming the capital giants compete for the new battlefield, they pass on the network yesterday, heavy news, Paypal next week will be able to overdraft, the maximum amount of 5,000 yuan, with 38 days interest-free period, after the expiration of the implementation of the benchmark interest rate 50% in fines. reporter contacted to Alipay PR manager Zhu Jian, he said, the network news is not accurate, the company also released the specific circumstances prevail:

Zhu Jian: It may be outside now there are rumors, but no overdraft feature Alipay, but we and the financial institutions, in considering the introduction of credit payment products. Not Alipay provides payment services, but partners to provide( Specific on-line time have been set.

Although the official declined to disclose details, but apparently, Ali financial credit payment services have been imminent. Financial commentator Ye Tan said that this is an important step in Ali, financial innovation, the credit card payment service functions and similar, the difference is, the credit card by the banks and other institutions issued, bank funding, while Ali wants Internet sector credit, in essence, still have to rely on banks and other institutions.

Ye Tan: Credit is the main source of funding for liquidated damages incurred, so if there is breach of contract, breach of contract of his income is relatively high, I think this one is Ali, fancy Credit card banks are doing, he has money sources, but Ali did not, so there must be funding agencies combined.

Just last month, Alipay users exceeded 200 million, if Alipay problems, its social impact can be imagined. Countries would allow credit payment services such attempts do? Present, no clear regulations such behavior, the ministries do not respond to it. maguangyuan financial commentators believe that as long as no major problems, the relevant departments should encourage innovation, eye, close one eye may be the best form of regulation:

Guang-Yuan Mar: I think the regulators should be tolerant of looking at, because this is the nascent field, in such a field can let go look at risk to develop rules to regulate, there is no risk of the development of freedom let him, if traditional, strict regulation to manage, you might stifle its vitality.

News one, but also attracted many netizens onlookers(News News Someone on the microblogging wrote: 'Absolutely not let my mother know,' and with a series of exclamation points. This reflects a lot of friends looking for credit payment function, On the other hand you can see that because Alipay relatively younger user groups, the ability to effectively control the situation worrying malicious breach, but that financial commentator Ma Guangyuan controllable risk.

Maguangyuan: in fact than traditional credit risk is still small, because Ali transactions data, consumers have been clear in the chest, compared to banks, his message is more comprehensive.

Ye Tan also agree maguangyuan perspective, she thinks the user's credit rating is the most important function ali big data, but also from the maximum amount of 5,000 yuan can be seen that the average user does not get too high a limit, but the future, if The overdraft feature, by extension, then it must be wary of credit system internal loop happening.

Ye Tan: Once the consumer does not repay, then have credit stains, then his credit in the field of electronic commerce does not exist, so the current situation there is no risk. I said there are risks in the future, if the scope of its credit bigger, there is a large overdraft credit, and then through their own company to its rating, guarantee, then there will be a terrible credit inner loop. Ali got the money to lend you, give you ratings, guarantees, in fact the last The risk will be borne by the company, this approach risks in the financial sector is very large.

(Original title: Ali imminent financial credit to pay up to 5,000 yuan overdraft

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