The first Asian New Media Arts Festival will be opening in New York

Published: 9:12:11 August 9,2013  Views: 268
The first Asian New Media Arts Festival will be opening in New York The first Asian New Media Art Festival New York opening

For Taiwan, halfway around the world, the art capital of the world known as New York, it seems always in the distant other side, since this summer, the Asian art in the United States will have a new opportunity for the development of the future will also be new Media Arts and the American continent closer distance. 'New York' brings together all the international art exhibitions and art festivals, but never held Focus on Asia New Media Art Exhibition, New York inCube Arts Center for the Arts was founded America's first tend to take sharp focus. ' Asian 'new media art' Asia Time Base: New Media Art Festival '(inToAsia: Time-based Art Festival), an attempt to Asian new media art into the scope of the New York art world's attention, Taiwan and other Asian countries to improve artists in the international art Stage performances and published more creative opportunities( After more than a year in the planning, 'Asia Time Base: New Media Art Festival' by Mr. Chen Wei Lai Lihui common curatorial Qinghe, with 'mini-city' as the theme, as the first session of the Americas is the largest Asian New Media Arts Festival Queens Museum of Art in New York respectively, NARS Art Foundation in New York, New York, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery and Art Center in New York Residency Unlimited point of four exhibition held in conjunction with the exhibition points located in Queens, Long Island City, Brooklyn and trendy arts centrally Lower East Side of Manhattan, the exhibition includes works of video, video clips, animations, and real-time sound power units and other performing arts media, from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and India and other KMT 33 artists, where they own in Asia as a backdrop, the worldwide association of social problems that occur as a basis for creation, will present 'Asia holds many lessons,' the changes in internal and external systems, different New look and urban mestizo culture experience, with the microscopic point of observation Asian cities on local, global culture induction.

Cultural Hybridity new look

'Mini-city' will be discussed Graded Asian countries under colonial experience of the origin of the current status retroactively, but also down to observe the city and the local life experience 'inward view,' the perception of changes, and the daily life experiences through regional excavations the existence of individual voices. traced the origin, we must look back at the past, many Asian countries experiencing war restructuring, immigration migration, cultural introspection stage until holds many lessons for many Asian countries, who have been the historical background of colonialism, foreign totalitarian form mixed with the ground of the colonial marginal culture, national independence after the end of WWII patchwork of being wiped off the self-history, aggressively pursue 'de-colonization' under the self-identity, trying to reshape the local culture. westernized Asian countries, it is still deeply affected by Western civilization as the standard pole pursuit of progress, even Western-centric perspective of practice 'to me' origin, roots and culture in disoriented ignored concern 'inner man' in the more than half a century, chewing and precipitation, outward flow of immigrants and the Mainland colonial experience have been showing a 'inward watch' character, in retrospectively, on a journey to regain roots forgotten fundamental humanist tradition slowly reproducing, creating mixed culture holds many lessons for the new look.

Mega-cities in globalization is inevitable, the Asian experience shows that cities can not expand indefinitely, emerging Asian cities prove that high population density can also develop another possible city life, small but perfectly formed metropolitan cities in Asia, the development of fast, convenient and high-tech lifestyle, and thus in constant destruction and construction process, the cultural, social, moral, religion, environment, etc. also produce changes in the economic structure, the external face of rapid change in the city, can be visually observation, however, changed with the collapse of the intrinsic system shall be under the microscope observation, reflection, unraveling the various phenomena from small cities throughout the environment corresponds to the assimilation trend(Favorites News

Timebase New Media Art

In the present progressive continuous development of the new media arts, museum worldwide, non-profit arts center, art galleries, biennials and international art fairs where contemporary art is listed as both the fastest growing creative class in Taiwan, for other industries to multi media art strange, but also for the sake of being easy to understand, the use of new media for the creation of media works are often referred to and classified as a 'technological arts' or 'new media art', but so Classification is actually very narrow. internationally for Digital Arts (Digital Art), multimedia art (Multi-media Art), video art (Video Art) or technological arts (Tech Art), who cite using video, film, sound, audio, computer technology, light, network, power machinery, equipment and other media creation, based on a wider range of 'In the time of the creation of media art under baseline (referred timebase new media art)' (time-based media art) to define , which is the 'Asia Time Base: New Media Art Festival' origin of the name of the festival will be the first American art platform also focuses on 'Asia' timebase new media art exhibition, to present 'status in Asia 'all sorts of internal and external changes in the system, with the corresponding microscopic perspective on global developments affecting.

Nonprofit organization founded by no means an easy task, not to mention in the 'hit artists everywhere, everyone grab the opportunity,' the New York New York inCube Arts Center for the Arts is the driving force behind Taiwan's gallery Federation and former director of the Taipei International Art Fair, and Chen Wei Ching cultural units in Taiwan for over 13 years seniority Lai Lihui and worked in Beijing China Yu-Mei Yang co-founder of the museum, together with the academic background art market experience, will establish promote Asian American arts arts into the most direct and most important platform for the future but will with many international curators and arts units, establishing an arts resource and message open, cross-platform, cross-border circulation base, gathered the field of international arts professionals, planning a series of avant-garde, experimental, demonstration diverse cultural events. development of Asian art in the Americas will be because there are so willing to contribute to the art industry professionals, and with new opportunities. authors: Cheng Wei Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.