Wall Enhanced Yield regularly open zhaiji issued from August 8

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A time when the summer, in the fund distribution market, as high as the temperature is regularly open to the issuance of debt-based heat. Wind data show that as of July 29, issued a total of 31 regularly open debt-based, first raised the scale up to an average of 22.4 billion yuan, becoming the current market a beautiful landscape author has also learned from the Great Wall Fund, the company's Wall Enhanced Yield Bond Fund regularly open on August 8 hot 'baked.' one-year term of the fund is open to pure debt funds, the risk is relatively lower for prudent investors. Additionally Wall Enhanced Yield take regular quarterly dividend of way, in time to lock in gains, and to ensure that the 'pocket for security.'

It is worth mentioning that the company will be the Great Wall Enhanced Yield Fund Manager Gold bell light is personally managed Galaxy data show that its positive charge of the Great Wall by Lee Bond Fund A / C share 2012 net growth rate reached 12.50% and 11.91%, in comparable 47 and 30 similar general bond funds (one are ranked first(http://www.best-news.us/). With excellent performance, the fund last year, also encompasses >> << China Securities Journal, Securities Times << >>, << Shanghai Securities News> > one year issued by bond funds three awards in addition to fund managers decent personal abilities, Great Wall Fund in the field of fixed income management capabilities equally commendable, Galaxy Securities Funds Research Center released << 2012 corporate bond fund Active investment management capabilities >> list, the Great Wall Fund participating in the 57 fund companies ranked sixth.

Insiders pointed out that this year continued to regularly open debt-based hot, thanks to the low-risk, revenue significant product characteristics compared to fixed deposits, scheduled to open debt-based focus on the bond market, the yield has been greatly improved, Compared to the financial products and trust products, fixed income benchmark bonds opened lower threshold, higher capital efficiency, can be redeemed after the expiration, but with an open debt-based, hierarchical Fund Class A shares and the IMF, compared scheduled to open debt-based investment in a year closure period, more conducive to capital operation.

Wind data show that since the beginning of 2005 to October 31, 2012, the standard bond funds for eight consecutive years to maintain positive overall revenue, the average annualized yield of 7.38%, of which, both in 2011 and 2012 bear market bull market in bonds , the closure has made more than debt-based non-closure of debt-based performance, the performance difference between the average of about 3.5%(News News http://www.best-news.us/).

(Original title: The Great Wall Enhanced Yield regularly open zhaiji issued from August 8

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