Do not eat sweet eating bitter medicine

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Bitter medicine there are detoxification, stomach, helps digestion, antibacterial effects Some people can not bear the pain, after taking his drink sweet drinks, or eating sweet snacks, which could affect the efficacy.

Stomach scattered, gentian rhubarb mixture and so stomachic bitter taste and can stimulate the secretion of digestive gland, which increase appetite, help digestion. Eating sweets may mask the bitterness and weaken these effects. Moreover, sweet taste (sweet) walking stomach, less when replenishing spleen, but the medication after eating sweets, not only have a sense of satiety, but also easy greasy injured spleen, reduce the secretion of saliva, so the appetite worse, affect drug stomach role also in the sugar sweets may be related to drug binding, affecting efficacy.

In addition stomachic, the heat treatment of syndromes taking bitter medicine, such as the treatment of constipation when rhubarb Qingwei pills, eat sweets likely to retain Evils, serving treat syndromes of dampness when Huoxiangzhengqi pill, nor should eat Too many sweets(

Clothes and sweets should not be used in conjunction with these drugs, you can try the following relievers bitter Method: decoction when taking the temperature controlled at between 15 ℃ ~ 36 ℃ is better, pills with warm water delivery service, taking the bitter medicine should be fast should not be slow to reduce the residence time in the mouth concoction, drink warm water immediately after taking, or gargle with cold water to reduce the bitterness on the stimulation of taste buds in the brewed medicine ointment, if bitter drugs, doctors can under the guidance of honey, caramel and other sweet cream collection materials, both to improve the taste, and easy soup liquid into a paste.

Need to be reminded that not all drugs are not bitter or sweet foods and sugar with the use and some herbs will also contain bitter, sweet taste, such as angelica. Sweetness of these drugs is not obvious. Hubei University of Chinese Medicine Clinical Pharmacy Professor Wang Xu ago

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