Teach you to correctly identify toothache

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Toothache, dental dental disease is the most common, the main symptom, can cause many dental pain due to oral cavity structure and innervation of the complexity of causes of pain of different nature, scope and duration is different, therefore, toothache symptoms appear, be careful to identify, detect primary disease causing pain.

1 encounter hot and cold stimuli appear toothache, there is no other obvious symptoms, possibly dental caries.

(2) In addition to hot and cold stimulation increased pain, the pain is more obvious at night, and even radiation to the face, temporal and ears who might be pulpitis. More common in patients with deep caries, tooth germs from entering cavities canal, causing tooth nerve hyperemia, inflammation stimulate the pain got worse if exposed to heat, and cold stimulation of pain but to reduce or disappear, it may be purulent pulpitis.

3 If being cold, hot, sweet, sour and other stimuli are pain, but the pain will disappear after the cessation of stimulation, or tooth hypersensitivity(http://www.best-news.us/).

4 stars or a few teeth (Bingya) showed persistent tenderness, a floating sensation, swelling, and even dare to chew, there may be suffering from a periapical.

5 toothache nature and periapical similar, but Bingya appeared not only chew surfaced pain and sense, but also the formation of periodontal pockets and loose teeth, gum tissue swelling and bleeding occurs repeatedly, it may be (acute) teeth Zhou Yan.

6 teeth and tooth gaps are food impaction, can also cause pain, ie pain, food impaction. Try to look in the mirror to check.

7 in 2 to 4 days after tooth extraction spontaneous, persistent severe pain, there may be dry socket.

8 nerve pain caused by non-organic disease, such as trigeminal neuralgia. Their pain episodes generally have a 'trigger point', hot and cold thermal stimulation does not cause pain, and nocturnal seizures unusual addition, glossopharyngeal neuralgia also can cause toothache.

Many patients with toothache, immediately buy painkillers to suppress While painkillers can temporarily relieve pain, but not to eat toothache pain medication can be solved, consider going to dental patients with the best dental doctor to find a professional to find out where the primary disease, symptomatic treatment( News http://www.best-news.us/).

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