British 40-year-old woman cis produce the next 6.2 kg giant baby

Published: 9:23:16 August 9,2013  Views: 227

[World Wide Web Roundup] According to Taiwan's 'Central News Agency' reported on August 8, the British one woman gave birth to a baby girl in Spain, weighing 6.2 kg, the highest natural production of Spain infant weight record.

40-year-old British woman Marlene eastern city of Denia in Spain gave birth to a baby girl hospital, obstetrics and gynecology doctor said that in his 40-year career, this is the maximum number he had seen, the natural production of baby .

Typically, the fetus is too large, all via caesarean section. Marlene three children before birth, each birth, weight of 4.5 kg at least.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's heaviest newborn babies in 1879, the Canadian woman Baez born, baby weight 10.5 kg, but the baby was born 11 hours after death, while Bates and her husband are suffering gigantism In addition, the Brazilian woman in 2005 under an annual production capacity of baby weighs 8 kg, but this is by caesarean section(

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