National 45 water ecological civilization construction of the pilot cities of Zhengzhou successfully nominated

Published: 9:28:00 August 9,2013  Views: 249

Yesterday, the Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Choi who led part of the city CPPCC members on the city water system construction ecology to conduct research. Reporter learned from the research activities in the Ministry of Water Resources recently identified 45 cities nationwide pilot ecological civilization city water, city successfully finalists.

Launched in 2006, the city's ecological system planning to peri-urban 'six vertical and six latitudes' 12 canals, 12 reservoirs and three lakes, the main line of the 1,010 square kilometers of water area was planned. Planned a total investment of 3.3 billion Yuan, focus on improving the urban flood control standards and urban disaster prevention system, and enhance the resistance against natural disasters, to enhance circulation, improve the urban ecological environment Since 2006, the city invested a total of 2.078 billion yuan, has on the city around nine major river on a large scale ecological management. enhance ecological water system construction in order to consolidate the results, in June 2011, the city has launched a timely manner to enhance the ecological water project planning, planning investment of about 3( billion yuan. city also started to implement the water ecological civilization city construction of the pilot to declare the work, and recently with the other 44 cities in the country in conjunction finalists National Water Ecological Civilization pilot cities. (Wu Jianling)

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