West Lake is also hot weather, "foam" Lazy

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Located in Hangzhou West Lake in Hangzhou | Sina microblogging travel | 2013 年 08 月 09 日 09:29 West Lake is also hot weather, "foam" Lazy Barbecue Day, West Lake has also been hot 'foaming at the mouth'? (Photo: Wang Chuan)

This year's autumn marching rhythm of temperature from 40 degrees, it is very not sincere! In this five heat stroke index 'barbecue day' where people can easily heat stroke, and even the West Lake is also beginning to be hot, 'foaming at the mouth'! There are pictures and the truth ah!

West Lake is also hot weather, "foam" Lazy Lakeside Road, near the most serious, white foam lace growth, to the Bai Causeway near the bubble decreases patchy attached to the coast and some curious visitors, simply by the lake 'research' together.

You see, this is yesterday Hangzhou network photographer photographed the picture on the Bai, North Point in the bridge, a large beach road swing leisurely white foam floating on the Bai Causeway coastal waters. Reporter learned from the mouth of tourists, this port Tubai Mo's 'illness' in the lake and nearby waters Yanggongdi seen.

Reporters look at West Lake 'illness'

White foam occupied East Lake area

Early this morning, the reporter and the Hangzhou West Lake watershed management with the staff arrived at the West Lake to Lake 'doctor.'

Sure enough, from the lakeside road begins to six parks, to the bridge, Bai Causeway near coastal waters are suffused with shining white foam, and occasionally a boat leaving the dock, sparking bubble would like rubbing detergent foam in general, gurgle toot to fall coming out, and then pushed to the shore by the water waves, among which the most serious near Lake Road, white foam lace growth, to the Bai Causeway near the bubble decreases patchy attached to the coast.

Reporters saw at the lake, and some 'good' when taking visitors along the coast, but also deliberately raised his camera lens in order to escape the following white foam 'into the mirror', but also some curious tourists simply stood by the lake pondering 'cause' Come on, most people can not accept that there are people actually easily put drink bottles, ice stick thrown into the lake(Travel News http://www.best-news.us/). white foam plus garbage bags, the West Lake water is more embarrassed.

West Lake is also hot weather, "foam" Lazy Boat leaving dock, sparking bubble would like detergent foam rub general goo dory peremptorily coming out, and then pushed to the shore by the water waves. (Photo: Xu Bo)

Bring the subtropical high blue sky, downdraft has brought floating particles

The cooler weather foam disappears Lake water body unaffected

In fact, look at the situation and the West Lake Water Management Agency staff envision exactly the same way, but in order to give an account of reporters and tourists, they still accompany reporters in the West while walking this was, watching the situation, but also both anxious and helpless. 'I still have not thought of what a good way to solve!' West Lake Water Management Office, said Chen Lin, hot days are particularly prone to this condition.

'The recent hot day, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and the whole region in the center of the subtropical high control.' Chen Lin said, the reporter thought to myself, no wonder the hottest cities in the country ranked in the top ten, Zhejiang accounted for six or seven can always fall places too!

'Under the control of the subtropical high airflow sink, while the floating particles will also bring water. Coupled by the monsoon, southwest wind blowing the northern hemisphere summer, so in the northeast corner of the bridge, it is in the Lakeside area downwind, these floating particles by water waves wind pushed it into place, forming a lake 'foaming at the mouth' of the illusion. 'Chen Lin said, so hot days, we see that the sky would be particularly blue.

'Every day we salvaged! But this particular fine particles, particularly light! Our usual network are simply not effective salvage!' Lake patrol is being salvaged staff told reporters, in fact, this situation every year, and but this year the weather is particularly hot, so more obvious, we also pay more attention. 'A few days ago, and people ask me, the West Lake where the fish will not heat stroke? really makes me a bit dumbfounding!'

Water Management Office staff told reporters particles are attached to the surface in the lake, lake water body does not produce adverse effects Tianyi too high, this phenomenon will disappear naturally.

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