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The market experienced in June fell 13.97% after July showed signs of improvement, institutional research enthusiasm has also risen. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading platform on the interactive information display, since July, a total of 349 companies to accept the agency's on-site investigation, which accounted for over half of small and medium enterprise board, most agencies concerned. institutions fond biomedical companies to intensify thoroughly smart city concept of listed companies.

According to the Securities Daily reported that statistics show that the investigation of 349 companies, small and medium enterprise board 193, accounting for 55.30%, the GEM companies 89, accounting for 25.72%, Shenzhen board Enterprises 66, accounting for 18.91 percent, Shenzhen B shares a .349 companies to accept more than 10 research institutions have 71 to accept more than 20 research institutions have 25 to accept more than 30 research institutions have 9 to accept more than 40 research institutions There are four of which most agencies concerned Kymmene technology, a total of 114 bodies on their on-site or telephone research.

In the 193 small and medium enterprise board, there are 35 companies received more than 10 research institutions, among which the most Guodian fresh and Triplett 'hot', has 43 research institutions went .89 GEM companies, There are 21 companies received more than 10 research institutions which Kymmene technology, Jebsen shares the most attention, there are 45 research institutions went home .66 motherboard companies, there are 15 companies received more than 10 institutions research which involves mobile games Telling Holdings has 35 institutions visited.

Guotai Junan eight brokerages busiest China Fund [microblogging] research 37 companies

Data show that since July, Guotai Junan busiest of business research to 46, followed by CITIC Securities, investigation of the 41 enterprises. Moreover, went to more than 30 companies in the research institutions and China Fund (37), GF Securities (36), Everbright Securities (35), Changjiang Securities (35), Minsheng Securities (33), China Merchants Securities [microblogging] (31), Orient Securities (30) In addition, there seven institutions were 20 or more business research from research institutions research the whereabouts of more frequent watching, technology, pharmaceutical industry favored, such Glodon, Yiling Pharmaceutical.

Since July, more than 30 enterprises to research institutions in eight is brokerage. Most frequent research institutions before 15, there are 13 brokerages. Shows, the brokerage is July most diligent research institutions. Moreover, statistical show that there are 18 brokers attended since July 10 enterprises above research activities, while funds and insurance companies this data are 19 and 1.

In the fund companies, since July busiest to the number of China funds, a total survey of 37 companies, followed by ICBC Credit Suisse [microblogging] and Boshi [microblogging] are investigation of the 24, and the most diligent there are foreign to the number of shares of JP Morgan, total went to 20 enterprises. while the recent fame rose due to the balance of treasure Celestica fund since July of investigation of the 14 enterprises.

Insurance companies and banks, brokerages and research enthusiasm significantly lower than the fund companies in addition to China Life relatively diligent, since July, 10 companies participated in research, and the remaining number of relevant institutions research enterprise are single digits.

In addition, in July there is a broker and a bank accept other research institutions which, GF Securities received 12 research institutions, Bank of Ningbo, received five bodies of research.

Smart City concept touted biomedical companies

Along with the announcement of the list of smart city pilot, smart city to become the market potential shares. Always 'smell' sensitive institutions, research in July also started early, 'fishing expedition' .7 Since May, 'smart city' concept stocks of real Smart accepted the three agencies field research. businesses involved in 'smart cities' Hualu, Haida and Wei Chong shares were assigned to receive 28, 14, and six research institutions. Hualu government with Linqu to develop 'smart Linqu' project is considered to be in the wisdom of a breakthrough in the field of urban construction. Haida and Wei Chong shares in an agency investigation when asked about the wisdom of the city and its products in the application and value.

Since July, a total of 27 companies involved in biomedical research institutions to accept them, Yiling Pharmaceutical research institutions to accept up to a total of 28, followed by Anke Biotechnology, a total of 24. Additionally, there are four companies accepted 10 or more institutions focused research, namely: Benny Pharmaceutical (15), Beijing Pharmaceutical (14), Hokuriku Pharmaceutical (11), Haixiang Pharmaceutical (10).

Kymmene technology by 114 research institutions

Was surveyed in Shenzhen 349 companies, 193 from small plates, accounting for 55.30 percent, or more than half of the surveyed companies are small and medium enterprise board, visible institutions for small and medium enterprise board of all ages.

Market participants believe that the economy continues to pick up signs of unknown motherboard limited opportunities cyclical industry, the GEM index doubled after the risk is increasing. Insiders predicted that investment funds GEM and the motherboard may be partly fought in small plates, small home plate or into a new bull market in this environment, the organization for small and medium enterprise board of intensive research is clearly reasonable.

Although the agency favored small enterprise board, but since July, most organizations is a favorite from the GEM companies - Kymmene technology - 8 February, accepted the Boshi Kymmene technology, Huaxi Fund, Haitong Securities, etc. 114 company's telephone survey (telephone conference) .8 May 5, Boshi Fund also sent five people to the company's on-site research. Kymmene technology semi-annual report, the company in the first half of the overall growth of the industrial sector is not higher than 10% circumstances, to achieve a more than 30% growth. Century Securities research report that, in the alternative import substitution and artificial backdrop, the domestic industrial sector huge space for development over the next decade, Kymmene technology as a domestic industrial leader in the strategy and management are significantly better than the competitors.

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