Early childhood development can not be underestimated on IQ

Published: 9:39:50 August 9,2013  Views: 338

Heredity is an important factor affecting the child's IQ, but the tutor's role can not be underestimated, especially in a child's brain developmental stages, parental training, even just playing simple games such as hide and seek, has the role of promoting intellectual development of children.

University of Alabama psychology professor Craig Remy and others a long-term study has provided strong evidence that they brought a number of poor families, four months babies divided into two groups: one group feeding education center, where Some teachers teach them to play games and sing, another group of early education is not only to provide them with adequate nutrition. to preschool, the first group than the second group of children's IQ high 10-20 minutes. to 15 years old, The first group of the child's language scores and math scores were higher than the second group.

Why is there such a difference? Remy said, is to promote the brain development early education.

When babies are born there billions of brain cells, called neurons(http://www.best-news.us/).

Some neurons are connected to each other before the child is born, regulating heartbeat, breathing and other basic physiological activities of the remaining neurons after stimulation in the acquired experience to connected. Child development when neurons form projections for each other's contact and direct physiological activities pave the way, for example, the projection neurons extend ocular and cerebral visual cortex, can be 'translated' the eye of the findings, and by other neurons projecting contact, directing people see things react. Such experience every repeat the links between neurons was to strengthen and consolidate once. babies 0-2 years old, the rapid growth of brain cells, neuronal contact soar. to 2 years old, between brain cells have more than 300 trillion contact while not connected to each other, without the use of brain cells were 'abandoned.'

If the baby two years ago to promote the missed opportunities of certain brain cells, will have lifelong mental retardation do? No, because the brain cells to establish linkages are frequent throughout childhood, but there are plenty of opportunities to promote it. Parents Throughout childhood intellectual development of the child, will be fruitful(Parenting News http://www.best-news.us/).

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