Dreaming Millennium Qin Dynasty night revelry Water World

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Located in Jinhua City, Jinhua, Dongyang Hengdian World Studios attractions | Travel Sina microblogging | 2013 年 08 月 09 日 09:46

Hero << >>, << Emperor and the Assassin >>, << >> a portion Painted famous movie filmed surely we would not familiar with it. Located in Dongyang, Zhejiang Hengdian World Studios is the world's largest film photographic base, known as 'Chinese Hollywood.' most of the domestic film and television works are shot in Hengdian World Studios.

Dreaming Millennium Qin Dynasty night revelry Water World Hengdian World Studios

Hengdian World Studios, located in the territory of China Dongyang Hengdian for national AAAAA level scenic area, away from Hangzhou, 160 kilometers, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi four hours Transportation and Tourism Economic Circle By plane, train, or take the highway are can reach(http://www.best-news.us/). since 1996, Hengdian Group has invested 30 billion of funds to build Hengdian World Studios, has built Guangzhou Street, Hong Kong Street, Ming and Qing palace, Emperor Qin Palace, Riverside, Dream Valley, screen cave house, eternally Zen Temple, Ming and Qing residential Expo City, etc. 13 spanning thousands of years history, a north-south geographical characteristics of the convergence of film base and two large modern studio. has become the world's largest film base, the United States Hollywood << >> magazine called 'Chinese Hollywood.'

There are seven scenic Hengdian World Studios, namely Emperor Qin Palace area, Riverside area, the Yangtze River Delta area, Dazhi Temple scenic area in Guangzhou and Hong Kong Street Street Qing palace, screen cave house area. Hengdian World Studios as a domestic shooting scene , the largest and most complete facilities for film and television shooting base, every day, on the interpretation of the crew here to emperors, down to the common people's joys and sorrows, ups and downs.

Since the Opium War >> << start << 荆柯刺秦王 already included >>, << Yongzheng Reign >>, << Twins >>, << Fugitive >>, << >> hero, Odyssey << >>, << Heaven and Earth >>, << >> Tianxialiangcang etc(Travel News http://www.best-news.us/). more than 100 films and TV shows filmed in China Hengdian World Studios. attractions there are still some nice melodrama, such as Kaifeng a dream << >>, << Banners war horse >>, << charmed China >>, << torrential rain >>, << >>, etc. Dream tai chi.

Emperor Qin Palace area

Dreaming Millennium Qin Dynasty night revelry Water World Emperor Qin Palace

Emperor Qin Palace scenic area is famous director Chen Kaige's 1997 historical epic shooting >> << 荆柯刺秦王 built, but also a hero << >>, << >> other large Forbidden Kingdom birthplace designers have spent four-year effort to design a blueprint for an ambitious Emperor Qin Palace, built in imitation of the Emperor Qin Palace area is the prototype of the Qin dynasty, the main palace - Xianyang Gong.

Scenic area of ​​800 acres, with huge, complex shape, precise layout known have all kinds of magnificent palaces, Buyi, ten steps a Court, Gallery unadorned back waist, high canopies teeth pecking each hold terrain, intrigues. towering walls and palace hall pavilions. Main Palace 'four returnees a temple' stands majestic, towering, vividly manifested emperor annexed six countries dominate the world's majestic brilliance. hive water vortex, chu know its tens of millions fall. Longbridge lying wave, complex Daoxing empty, the level of deep mystery, I do not know east and west. more fully demonstrated the style of the Qin and Han Dynasty Street four 'Chinese Street,' yellow dust trail, armored cavalry, Hebei construction, Han culture, able to faithfully reproduce the Emperor Qin Palace.

Emperor Qin Palace because of its strong historical atmosphere, to help >> << Emperor and the Assassin won the 1999 Cannes Film Festival Award for the best technology, while also attracted a large number of blockbusters shot here, Emperor Qin Palace area can be said that television dramas and movies and historical drama is the cradle of this, filming finished << 荆柯刺秦王 >>, << Promise >>, << xunqinji >>, << Han Tati >>, << Golden Years Long Song >>, < <mummy Ⅲ >>, << beauty calculating >>, << >>, etc. Banquet hundred film and television movies.

Ming and Qing residential Expo City

Hengdian Hengdian Ming and Qing residential Expo Hong Chong Road is located in the southern end of the city, with a total area of ​​nearly 900 acres, is a collection of ancient building protection, film shooting, tourism, entertainment, art exhibitions in an integrated tourist area. The area is divided into 'paradise' and 'Qinhuai River,' two parts, deep historical heritage, rich culture, colorful artistic taste, the distinctive features of this area.

Riverside area

Dreaming Millennium Qin Dynasty night revelry Water World Riverside area

Riverside area to the Northern Song Dynasty painter zhangzeduan masterpiece painting >> << modeled, whichever is the charm, combined with the social background of the Northern Song Dynasty, folklore, customs, and Song of the ancient characteristics, according to the needs of film construction made of. Riverside scenic area of ​​600 acres, the unique scenery, savor and fun.

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