"Can not let us journeying other"

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Jinling Evening News (Reporter ZHU Li-juan, 'said he would give me an answer as soon as possible, you can always say no.' Cui phone call, said the people, their problems reflected delays in reply, what time to give an explanation, 'I can can not let us have been journeying to wait. '

Since the opening of Jinling Evening News 'Party wants you to prick' column, many people have to issue such a sigh, our problems have been reflected for many years, but remain unresolved. Jinling Evening News reporter found in the finishing, most people reflection are 'things around'. 'is not to make relevant personnel to come forward to register our views down, so the problem can be more direct and faster solved?' Many people have raised the same questions can be often to the relevant departments, will be 'meeting with the leadership to go', 'leadership is not' such rhetoric turned away.

'In the end what time can be resolved, can not give a definitive answer?' Citizen Cui told reporters that he wished for departmental officers, to more places, see more and more difficult to direct people's feelings(http://www.best-news.us/). 'Empathy to We feel hard. 'Mr. Choi said.

People have something to say >>>

Zhang (524569 * *: Yuhua Road side no crosswalk, slow lane on one meter wide, can not walk. Reflected many times, no one solution is now implemented in Yuhua District to deal with, do not know if I have below.

Pang (862211 * *: Dinghuaimen Avenue nobody overflowing sewage manhole entrance area, municipal, street, urban, government hotline reflect over without any results.

Liu (01875150 * * * *: original white clay under the bridge Ping Chi Street district was in the upstairs raising poultry, reflecting the neighborhood two years have not been resolved(News News http://www.best-news.us/).

(The reader reflect the problems, welcome to the relevant departments to verify and communicate, and to contribute to solving

Participation >>>

1, email: your questions reflected or comments, suggestions sent to the mailbox tiaoci@jlwb.net, specify # Party wants you to prick #.

2, phone: Call Jinling Evening News Hotline 025 -84686500.

(Original title: 'Can not let us journeying other'

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